Is it allowed

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What wculd be the the issue to have elected mods by those with 100 or more posts?. and to have terms attached such as 2 years. Post results of election too.

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I suppose there is merit to your suggestion.

Is your suggestion that those seeking to be a mod must have 100 or more posts, or that those voting must have 100 or more posts? Or both?

What did your original post say?

i understand that the above posts has beenhidden. as inappropriate, WHY IS THAT,?

BOTH. in my orig post i asked if we could dispute deleted posts. All I get is that someone objected and staff took action.

I fail to see how that is in violation of any forum rule. . . maybe I"m missing something.

N0 idea. Lets just elect willing mods for 2 years

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do you truly think people would “run” to be a mod of a CFL forum?

we are lucky enough to have anyone volunteer to run this group of misfits. (literally)


Well lets see. They accept acclamation no problem.

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I mean what is the problem if no one runs? Status quo.

are you running?

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there is nothing to run for is there/

I found that rather amusing a post entitled “is it allowed” is hidden and yet this thread was not locked / deleted

Having said that… why would you need to define a post count or a vote count for a mod?

Which mods were ever random? (excluding the obvious second accounts certain mods made so as not to link personal history)

I would assume email the mod who made the deletion initially, and escalate if you really needed to after that

But in most cases I assume the mod could simply tell you why they deleted it

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All he did was ask a legitimate question and I fail to see how that could be against any forum rule, so I agree the mod in question should provide him with an explanation; he deserves no less.


Fine I dont need a post count. Just elect a a group that we can believe in… A post count shows a bit of their beliefs.

I was refer to original post (the one he made somewhere else BEFORE this thread)
He started this thread AFTER some other post got deleted

I simply commented I saw humour in his question why original post was deleted also now got deleted

(I did not see original post so no idea what happened)

How many message boards “elect” their moderators?

This board belongs to the CFL and I have no issue with them selecting who they want to moderate their property.


Now that’s a valid point as well.

Nor do I.

But I do agree that when a poster has a post deleted he/she/it is entitled to have an explanation.


Does it, because someone oughta tell the commissioner about what some of those in charge here are saying about him and the league.

It’s like the president of Pepsi espousing Coke.

Yearly mod election, do it.

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