Is it all doom and gloom?

Looks like this season is going to reap the rewards of all the bad seeds that were sown last year and in the off season.

It will take a while for this team to come together.

I wish I had TSN to watch the game, but I’ve decided to put that money into buying tickets to the home games instead.

Are there any bright spots or things to look forward to?

  1. Armstead - a serious big play player.
  2. Marshall’s defence had trouble last night but I’m sure they will continue to improve all season. That will give the Gades a chance to win some games as the season progresses. Starting out the season against Ray, Calvillo and Dickenson is tough though, all of them can throw for 500 yds in a game.
  3. Joseph and Ranek ( if they can get the O Line to not be abyssmal )

Are there things to worry about? Sure there’s a lot, but I’m just happy there’s a team to go and watch and for now I’m going to assume that they’re going to improve.

The buzz in the SS upperdecks should be amazing - the $99 tix will allow lots to enjoy. Should get pretty loud up there.

The O line needs some serious work.

The D is going to hurt people this year!!

Actually, I thought Ottawa’s defense kept the game close in the first half.

Their offense looked pretty craptacular, though. Edmonton’s defense has really improved this year, but I wonder if Ottawa’s offense is going to be a repeat of last year’s showing. Besides Armstead and a couple of runs by Ranek, there weren’t too many bright spots for the Gades.