Is it a work in progress, or revisionist history?

I was just cruising the History portion of the web site to see if there was any information on the Oski Wee Wee chant, when I noticed that the All Time Roster section now has a bio on each player, cool:

[url=] ... &func=view[/url]

Can someone from the team answer my subject question however as only recent players seem to be included? I hope that the greats I remember from childhood, the Henley's and Mosca's will be added soon?

And how about the history of the Oski Wee Wee chant, can it not also be given a special place (perhaps with a bio on the fine gentlemen who have held the title of Pigskin Pete)?

The University of Illinois has long ago claimed the Oskee Wee Wee chant as theirs.....look at the bottom of this paragraph.....

From this source:

click here

How about those last four games in PICK EM? I mean every one of them could have gone the other way: Texas beats Texas Tech, Maryland beat FSU on a blocked field goal which would have tied it, ASU over UW in OT on a TD pass from Carpenter, and TN over the other USC coming back in the 4th quarter for the win. So many points were up for the grabbin'. And it looks like I didn't grab too many of them. Ugh! Not a good weekend for Mr. Fightin' Illini or his team from Champaign-Urbana. First my squad threw away a 14 - point lead at Camp Randall (Wisconsin), and then this debacle of debacles. Oh, and by the way we get the BUCKS at home next weekend as a reward. Then again, maybe, just maybe, we'll find a way. The ghost of Red Grange lives on in the halls of Memorial Stadium. Hey, it's college football. Anything can happen. Hunker-down Illini - Oskee Wa Wa!

Sorry but the all time roster DOES not start in @2000
as i now see on the site..

the history of the club is too great and so are the names and identities of its many players over the years..


Please, Mr Young, if your staff feel the need to expand on the information base available by creating the roster fromn 2000 onward as a subset or separate set. thats cool!

But for those of us, and i think there are many, who remember Harry Lampman, Cam Fraser, John Barrow, Zeno Karz; not to mention Billy Ray Loughlin and Dave Viti..

dont relegate them to infinity... keep them as part of the team's heritage- re institute the site. properly

Sorry but the all time roster DOES not start in @2000
as i now see on the site…

the history of the club is too great and so are the names and identities of its many players over the years…


Please, Mr Young, if your staff feel the need to expand on the information base available by creating the roster fromn 2000 onward as a subset or separate set. thats cool!

But for those of us, and i think there are many, who remember Harry Lampman, Cam Fraser, John Barrow, Zeno Karz; not to mention Billy Ray Loughlin and Dave Viti…

dont relegate them to infinity… keep them as part of the team’s heritage- re institute the site. properly.

Right on Smokey! Our history goes far beyond 2000 and as fans, I would think it would be appropriate to show it all.

The all-time roster page is a work in progress at the moment. The roster currently features bios of every player that has played the Ticats since 2000 but the list will expand in the future.

As I'm sure everyone can understand, tackling a project of this magnitude isn't an easy task and your patience is appreciated!

good news that the list is just a beginning..
but could you not then re institute the list of pre-2000 to that of post 2000 to indluge those of us hard of hearing, nearly deaf steelworkers who want to regale in recalling players like dewey lincoln, dick cohee :rockin: and the immortal... wait for it... Bob Jarus...(knees up into the line kind of guy ! and of course jim pace, carver shannon, and the list goes on.

pleasssee reintroduce the old alpha list for pre 2000 and let the kids look at the post 2000 one(not that there is much glory in it yet)

and at middle linebacker; late of KC Chiefs and the man with brewer and bobby kunz who dominated linebacking and the 67 run tothe Cup... smokey stover!!

It shouldn't be that hard to do something to include more about the older players. The annual yearbooks contain a list of them from way back, so that could be imported into this. They don't have any biographical info, but that could be a work in progress for sure. Bio. info. on Hall of Famers and Wall of Honour players is readily available. For the rest, you could add it gradually or even in a Wikipedia manner so people could add it themselves on favourite players.

so you see powers that be...and Mr Young

who i know is reading this..(or should be as the astute observer of the human condition (ie businessman) that I believe him to be
that is the lifeblood of a ticat fan.
smoke cinders and tradition with a capital "T"

THATS why the guys in the old open hearth bled black and gold

I have mentioned that something like these new bio's were needed in the past on the forum and I have spoken to a member of the office staff a couple of times about it and this is the current understanding I have.

As the team changed hands through the years a majority of the information has been not transferred, disguarded or has been lost. I suppose a way to look at it is why would a new owner want to look backwards. Consequently the historical records that the current regime have are quite poor for our beloved Tigercats of old.

They are working on it as we all can now see and I for one am willing to cut the team alot of slack since filling in the holes without the proper historical records would be very time consuming and not to mention daunting for the person in charge. Plus how much paid time do you dedicate to it ???

My suggestions were to get a high school student on a co-op term and have them do the research and put the bios together. To aid in the research I checked Fleabay and low and behold there are seemingly always some Ticat memorabilia, most importantly programs and year books available.

I am sure that if the Ticats office wanted to follow this route they could ask "we the Ticat fans" on this site what we could come up with (such as yerbooks and programs) as I am sure that cumulatively our collection is immense (remember the one thread with the Ticat shrine in the basement) and could save invaluable time in them searching for the info.

I think that this is a great beginning and I hope to see the bio's grow but it would still be nice to add an after football section for them ..... even though asking about Jim Muller did depress me when I/we were informed that he had been killed by a drunk driver some 15 years ago. Such a waste of a super person.

theres a whole archive at the spectator with photos etc... and its easy to work with.

Seems the oskee wee wee chant is originally American:

But...........another source states that:

"It was in 1924 at the Triple "A" Grounds where one of the two Hamilton teams played their home games. The name of the team was the Hamilton Tigers. A great fan of that team was a guy named Vince Wirtz.

Wirtz was of Austrian heritage, but his family migrated from Australia to Canada. The people from the area of Australia that Wirtz lived in loved the sport of cricket.
At cricket matches there, Aborigine supporters of the local team would start a dance. They would remove their headdresses and would bend forward into a stance while holding the headdress in front of them. They would push the headdresses twice to the right, twice in front of them, and then twice to their left sides. Then the headdresses would be waved over their heads to be taken in the other hand and waved back across their bodies to the other side.
During this dance, they would recite a verse in an effort to cheer on their team. Vince Wirtz took these movements and developed his own chant for the Tigers, which was:

Oskee Wee Wee
Whiskey Wa Wa
Holy Mackinaw
Tigers, Eat 'Em Raw

Over the years, the fans have changed the words to "Oskee wee wee, Oskee wa wa," etc. "

Very enlightening news about our beloved Oski wee wee cheer from ALNCRAC and mikem. Thanks guys. I guess its difficult to tell which one of the above theories resulted into our present day cheer, but who cares? Oskie Wee Wee!

There is one thing I miss from old CFL days that remains in US College games to this day and that is the stimulating march music that is played by live bands and sung by most of the crowd whenever their is a game stoppage for a score, an interception for the home team, etc.

One can still see/hear this type of "hype" in college football from very young crowds and in soccer as well.

I'm too old to appreciate rap and hip hop music which is mostly what I'm hearing at Ivor Wynne. Whenever it is turned on, I can't wait for it to just go away.

March songs are synonymous with every major soccer team and US college team in existance because it adds so much to the game while appealing to all ages.

Ticat Management: If you read this, (and you will) why not give this idea a try. You could start it out on an interim basis and see what develops.

I went to Cathedral High School as a youngster, and most of the school cheers were a "take off" on the Notre Dame University cheers which exist to this day. This was done by many schools and remains intact now.

There are some wonderful lyricists and musicians in the Hamilton area and I'd be willing to bet something could come from this.

By the time I went to McMaster University, as you might expect from Canadian sport, there were few if any cheer songs for the crowd to participate in.

I hope that I'm not coming across here like a has been or an old guy who's out of touch with catching the spirit of a football game, but football WAS more fun in those days.

This is a project that I have taken on for the benefit of the team and our fans. Trying to gain as much possible info on each player that has suited up for your beloved Ticats is no easy task. The 2000-06 era is just the start with much more to come. As I finish each years additions, they will be added to the database for your reading pleasure. I can assure you that they past will not be forgotten but celebrated. Each player regardless if he played one game or 10 seasons with the Cats will have his place. Some of the harder elements will be tracking down info on players who came in and departed within a season as they normally do not appear in that seasons media guide. That is where the internet comes in because if here played in the XFL, Arena Football League, NFL Europe or anywhere else he will be found. Hope all is well.