Is it a Premonition or Day-Ja-Vu?

At the end of last years Season
I went to few of our Ticat players and Staff .
I Ask Them to say few words to fans
in a Good bye message.
Now alot of those players and Staff are now sadly gone
Was being in the Video a Curse ?
You Decide You know where to look


I need you to go video Brock Ralph...and do it fast.


Cuz he wants him gone.

Personally I think we should keep him, I know Ralph's inconsistent, but not many players on our team were very good last year. Why cut the guy unless you have someone better?

It was strictly a coincidence...If that (the curse) was true, there would be many more players/coaches searching for jobs.

Continue with what you're doing as there are many of us who enjoy the articles on BGR :rockin:

By the Way Brock is in the Good Bye Video
So are These players Jesse JoJo Marwan Ritchie Cedric JoJuan & Coach Sal.
I Reposted the video under the story.


Remember, the same things were said about MM during his first tenure here.

Day-Ja-Vu?? I love it when you speak French to me! :lol: :rockin: :lol:

The Curse of Goodbye Video Strikes again
Brock Ralph has been traded ..

Yawn next!

Actually it wasn't the goodbye video, Tom. It was my photo taking. I don't think there is still a single player left on the team that I have taken pics of in recent years. I stopped taking my camera last year, but it's carry over from old pics.

Maybe cameras aren't the way to go but rather a video/DVD recorder to film the entire hello how are you right on down through to when the player leaves the front door for whereever. :wink: