is it a good idea to trade for levingston

i no he is a great returner and all but he has a huge attitude that could shake up a locker room

he has tons of talent, that is never a bad thing, I think some of our veterans could bring him in line, him and AJ3 would look pretty darn good together on returns

I think we should just sign him when he becomes a free agent.

...sounds like he is interested in coming to Wpg......he says we have some of the BEST fans in football.......sounds like he is scmoozing us for a contract...he should be here soon....IF the price is right.. :roll: .

I told you so.

then we have more quality recivers to throw to

....yesssssss....and the run-back team of Levingston....and AJ111 won;t be too shabby either... :arrow:

He dosn’t play WR, he plays DB (badly)

bombers need a safety......maybe he can learn, if he comes here that is....