Is it a coincidence....

The Sharpest looking logo in Pro sport get changed to a Cartoon Kitty.. and the Team plays like one...javascript:emoticon(':roll:')

I did like the previous logo much more. They brought back the stripes on the helmets, now bring back the old logo!

It's a nice thought, but the train has left that station, I think. I wish it would happen. I doubt it will, though.

I hope the team will continue to market merchandise with the retro logo. I prefer it and appreciate having a wider selection of stuff to choose from.

Oski Wee Wee,

the old logo was far from 'sharp' was a blurry mess.

maybe the new logo shoulda kept the old tiger head, but it is definitely the sharper of the two.

The Tiger head used by the Grant and McDonald regime was not 'cross eyed' like the original leaping tiger. I prefer the old logo still. I don't like the new one. However, I think I am probably in the minority. As long as I can buy shirts with the old logo I am happy.

Certainly though, the old logo could have been cleaned up, and not just cartoonized. They could have used the Tiger head as a start and a cleaner body.

....either way, old logo or new logo our beloved team can't play to win either way, just a sad reality.


Never give up hope, Catattack1.

I've gotten used to the new logo, but still prefer and purchase the retro whenever possible.

don't like the new logo at all, actually it's more like dislike, hasn't grown to hate yet, but................

I do not like the new logo and new uniforms and likely will not get used to them ever. I too wish they would come up with a good retro look

Certainly Reebok has someone in their design department that can put stripes on the sleeves? :smiley:

Having said that, I am a proponent of the gold helmet too. I believe that one can update one's team's look in a modernized retro way: the NY Giants and NY Jets are but two examples of this in the NFL. Whether the classic Cats' look of the 1960s will ever be recaptured in that way is anyone's guess. Most likely not as things usually go.

I have been resigned to North Pittsburgh Steeler Lite for a long time. We had a unique look and we lost it, IMHO.

Oski Wee Wee,