Is it a Bomber Law?

Is it a law written somewhere in the Bombers organization that a coach must stick with a quarterback for a whole season, no matter how ineffective he is? We have seen this many times in the past, and it continues. Use the back-ups ... how could they do any worse?

do you have any evidence for this other than our recent tee episode. i think not. wpg forthe last decade has been a revolving door for poor quaterbacks with the exception of khari who put up the numbers to hold his spot.

Coaches with a death wish (meaning wanting to be fired) keep going with ineffective rookie QBs despite other options available. You could read Mr. Daley here.

I think Richie kept playing KJ because his neck was on the line. He should have pulled KJ sooner but when you sign someone to cool million, management would have snapped if he was sat. In hide sight that would have been the right thing to do. I think KJ's wing was a lot worse than people may think. Dayle realized that and the rest is history.