Is it a big mistake to tear down IWS?

Think about the Forum in Montreal or Maple Leaf Gardens.

What made those buildings special wasn't the architecture or amenities, but the people that passed through, both players and fans.

Generations of fans and players sharing a common experience.

Since IWS is being rebuilt on the same location, perhaps it is not a mistake.

No, it isn't. It's time, IMHO. Better is better and I hope the new stadium will only add to the legacy.

Oski Wee Wee,


anyone know which names are being considered for the new stadium BTW?

I'll be sad to see the name change; Ivor Wynne was a real person who made a real contribution; I knew one of his sons and I remember it being dedicated.

Now the name will probably be auctioned off to a corporation like so many others. I just hope it's something that says "Hamilton" instead of "Wall St." Stelco Memorial Field? Local 1005 Field of Dreams? Sheila Copps Stadium? nahhh...

I haven't lived there now in decades. What says "Hamilton" in the 21st century?

Idiotic fractious ward heeling politician?

There are tons of people (myself included) who will not refer to the Skydome by its current name. I wonder if something like that will happen with the new stadium. The situation is different, of course, because here the stadium is changing but the ownership will be the same, while for the Skydome, it's the opposite.

They could also do something like the stadium where Roughriders play. I's sponsored by Mosaic, but the field is named after Neil Taylor, so we'd have [Corporate Sponsor] Stadium at Ivor Wynne Field.

To be honest, at this point as much as something else is needed, I don't think the alternative is that much better.

It can't happen, but I'd like to have them wait for the recession to be over (if ever?) and then readdress the stadium. Hopefully with a new tv deal, corporations see value in a team and a better deal can be worked out somewhere else.

So, my answer is, maybe.

:thup: :oops:

No, don't think it's a mistake at all when you have funding in place for a nice new stadium, albeit even if some would prefer it larger or at a different location. Times are tough and indeed might get tougher and little opportunity may arise in the near future.

Idiotic fractious greedy, selfish, city-hating owner.

See what I did there?

Of course I don`t agree with either, just pointing out how childishly, stupid such comments are. :roll:

Agreed. It's time.

All good thing come to an end.

As Earl says, when opportunity knocks...

I think itd be more likely that itd be (Corporate Sponsor) Field at Ivor Wynne Stadium.

Of course I don`t agree with either, just pointing out how childishly, stupid such comments are.

Well said Captain. :thup:

Sometimes I admit I do get caught up in blaming politicians for everything in this world and calling them idiots etc but really, I'm not in their shoes and really don't know what they have to deal with and how difficult it can be trying to please as many as possible in their ridings and at the same time make what they consider good decisions for the city overall.

Sorry, Cap. I once ran for office in Hamilton and came close (back in 82). Almost ran again but didn't want to go there in case I actually won. It may seem like a bit of a cheap shot but I'm not going after all the council. I DO believe that there are 3-5 members that - over the past 30 years (and that means that each council has had its share) that have been obstructive and confrontational as opposed to reasoned and willing to balance the prioirities of ward vs. the entire city. That last one is a difficult balance but needs to be maintained for a city to function well. Hamilton's governance for the past number of years has been lacking simply because there has been a lack of a cohesive spirit willing to compromise at times to get the good for the whole city in gear. My take anyway.

Again.... I'm not counting all the councillors but the question asked for an iconic image. In many minds - remember the past election - this WAS a clear IMAGE for the city.

A well stated, well reasoned critical opinion. I totally respect that!

( I also agree with it)

Cap, I know you were just making a joke and I’d normally just chuckle and let it pass, but wanted to be clear on this -
“idiotic” is probably a fair comment, even “city-hating” if that is what people want to believe, but I have trouble with “greedy” or “selfish” given the financial challenges of running a CFL team in a 60 year old stadium.

(For the record: I don’t have any problem with any of Hamilton’s politicians. They are working hard to make our city better. We may not always agree but I respect their efforts.

Although don’t get me started on certain members of Hamilton’s media who chose to express their opinions without bothering to research any facts…:wink:)


I think you are too tough on yourself.
Nothing I have ever heard or read from you would lead me to believe you are anywhere close to being a "city hater".
So I would not class that as "fair comment" as you have stated.
Let's hope this season is the best ever towards justifying your investment in this team. :thup:
It's about time!

Probably "Juravinski Field".

Seriously, with the delays in Winnipeg, I am beginning to be concerned about how they can tear down and build a new stadium on the same site in just one year. I hope the "road trips" dont last into the 2014 season.

As someone who was proud to be part of, and to help the original "Bob Young" crew bring the technology of the head office, press box, ticket office, stadium, coaches offices and player's locker room/lounge into this century when the team changed hands for the new 2004 season, it never really struck me until the Argo game the other night that Ivor Wynne is old and tired.....and it stinks like manure , garbage and filth and is rotting from the inside out....yes, I have fond and timeless memories like anyone else, but it's time to tear it down and build anew.

Looking down at my seat number etched with a black Sharpie was the final's over.

It's a little more than one year, and actually closer to about 18 months. The delays in Winnipeg are from, I believe, winds. Also, Winnipeg's winters are much more hellacious than ours. We had what, two or three snow storms last winter? It was already minus-degree weather in Winnipeg in mid-November (remember how cold the East Final was?) and I was out in a t-shirt and jeans on Super Bowl Sunday (which is in early February). There are always concerns about delays, but the Hamilton and Winnipeg situations are not the same.