Is it 3 or now 4 partiesinterested in buying Gades?

Now we get all this stuff about Bruce urban the Calgary real estate moghul
who would buy the team if it was the right deal ..BUT just last night we were told on the A-Channel town Hall Meeting that there were 3 interested buyers= 2 from Ontario,one from the U.S.

So does this mean Tom Wright is now fielding nibbles from 4 potential buyers?

OR has somebody lied again? Its really all behind closed doors so we'll never know for sure...

P.S. Even though I live in Ottawa,I'm not a Senators fan when Melnyk blew his chance to be a "Saviour" for my beloved Ottawa football team,I
immedately applied a curse on him and "his" Senators: they shall NEVER win the Stanley Cup as long as he owns them! Sorry Sens fans,but as the most logical of potential owners of the Gades due to "synegies" he already has in the business and sports communities in Ottawa and the marketing skills of his managers here,any other owner is going to jhave a much tougher time to make this work --it is not only money that is needed ...there could have been some interesting dual and cross-marketing of both teams...unfortunately logic did not prevail --so Melnyk can continue his "losses" running the Senators as a contender near the CAP,but the curse says he'll never win the Cup because he blew this chance to be "the perfect owner" for the Gades...

Instead we must take ONLY a money guy/group who will need to build there own goodwill and business connections here from scratch= a tougher task...

Still--I'll take that if it means CFL football in Ottawa...

Call me stupid or out to lunch (I know, some of you already have done this here) but I think Eugene Melynk will be the new owner of the Gades, not this year but next.
As mlgott above indicates, it just makes so much sens, pardon the pun, for him to own both teams for comarketing etc. This has to happen and will happen IMO.

Bruce Urban wants to buy them and have them play this year!

i think u will see Urban buying smiths 49% and maybe 2% off glieberman....this way Urban has decision making control over the team and still has half his losses split with bernie.

Actually he wants all or nothing. According to radio interviews.

really?....even better....he must be serious then!

personally i would take bernies 50% financial support for the first year then buy him out after this years expected big $$$ loss

I am with you Earl, except we really do not know if Melnyk may not have changed his mind and has his people in the background kicking the tires. Last week he publically makes the statement to deflect the obvious pressure while in the wings efforts continue.
Regardless, I do not like this Urban guy who reminds me in some ways like the circus known as the Gleiberguys.

Yeah, I'm not too keen on the sounds of Urban either. At least he's Canadian, though, and will have some sense of what the CFL requires. But considering he's said he wants to move the team to Halifax ... don't get me wrong, I want a team in Halifax (and I want a 10th team) but I also want a team in Ottawa, and if he's only buying the Renegades to move them to a city with no stadium - while screwing over all the Ottawa fans - then I don't like the sounds of it.
But I'll admit I don't really know much more about him ... I like the sounds of the guy who apparently has business ties in Ontario.

Really the guy has great business sense is a huge fan of the CFL ( ready to buy Stamps last year ). He owns the Rush of NLL in Edmonton and the NLL stated this guy is a first class owner. So how can he possibly be a circus or for that matter not sincere in buying the team. He was thinking that if the Ottawa fans do not respond to new ownership yes if would make business since to move the franchise wouldn't you if the fans of Ottawa does not show their intent.

I heard he brought in Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders and Brooke Burkes (a model) for halftime shows in Edmonton ... I don't like the sounds of that. Too gimmicky, too bush-league. That may be OK for the NLL (which also insists on playing music during the play, and has their PA announcers trash-talking the visiting team ... ) but I don't want it in the CFL (again ... remember the circus in Toronto a few years back, with halftime shows?) I think it's a big step from the NLL to the CFL.

Also, how much of an effort is he honestly going to make to keep the team in Ottawa? Last week he says he wants to move it to Halifax, but within a week he's had a complete change of mind and now wants to keep the team in Ottawa. Yeah, right. Most will be hesitant to buy tickets if they figure the team's just going to move - and Urban has already planted that seed in Renegade fans' brains.

If there was a legit reason to move the team to Halifax, then I'd be behind it. But there's really not. There's been NO guage of fan interest with a competent owner, and if the team is FINALLY run properly, I'm sure the fans will come back in droves. But it would take more than a year to judge this - if the fans still aren't there in 3-4 years, and the ownership has HONESTLY been competent, like it is in every other CFL city ... then there's reason to move (maybe consider a city that already has a stadium, though). But if he's just been putting on a facade, well, then there will be no wonder if the fans don't show.

He just strikes me as a little two-faced, with his recent comments about moving the Renegades.

Well yes for a very new NLL team the gimic was a good marketing tool. They got good crowds ever since. For CFL I do not think that would work as well because it is a bigger venue. But to say he screwed it up by being up front is just wrong. The Stamp fans as you should know had a circus yet sell outs were happening because we are very good fans of the game. Our team was 4 and 14. Now you look at Ottawa there is a big difference. Sure there are some good die hard fans there but 2000 season tickets. Tell me would you if you bought this team knowing your going to lose money at least for this year, would you not want a response from the fans wether they want football or not. If you say no then do not go into business. Business men regardless how much of sport fan they are will not want to lose millions every year. Sorry that economic realty does not work. So you tell fans you want it step up to the plate. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. got to admit the drought far as a winner goes in the Cap.... compared to what the cowboys experienced is not comparable....I will agree Stampeder fans are very intense ...and they love their team....BUT...Ottawa has not had any reason to be exhuberant about THEIR team for some time... the reasons for that situation are debatable....The secret is ...How do you instill the excitement and dedication for the Rens. in the Cap....There in lies the secret to fix the problem...My own take on it they failed to keep a connection to the successes the Ottawa teams of the past enjoyed...and the new identity after the team was resurrected... failed to live up to the old one...They lost a lot of fans ....Whats the fix....maybe there isn't one...and that's the quandry the league finds itself in today.the only hope for the Gades is that an owner with very deep pockets can carry this team...and buy some TIME to create a true identity for this club...... .just my op. :!:

That’s because tickets stopped being on sale on December 10. Not every season ticket holders even got a chance to renew when you stop selling like that. I even think that December 10 was the only day so far where tickets have actually been on sale. 2000 season tickets in one day isn’t so bad…

The Glibber-clowns thought they could treat this like a seasonal business, but of course, they were wrong.

There's quite a bit of confusion when it comes to the date tickets stopped selling. Some fans have said that December 10th was the last day of a 2-for-1 deal, but that tickets remained on sale after that. I remember, when the league announced that Bernie would have to sell the team, the league said that they were suspending ticket sales until it could be determined whether there will be a team in Ottawa this year. If tickets had already been taken off the market, why would they have had to make that announcement? That happened late enough in the off-season that only 2000 season tickets sold is a problem.

Of course, if the team had done ANY marketing WHATSOEVER, I'm sure that number would have been higher.

Whoever surfaces as the new owner has to believe that they can get fans to come out. If Bob Young didn't believe the fans would return, he wouldn't have bought the Tiger-cats, no matter how much he wanted to save them. Then we'd be looking at an 8-team league in danger of dropping to 7, rather than a 9-team league dropping to 8.

A lot of people with the resources to buy a team seem to think that football is dead in Ottawa because of the small crowds. They're looking at what is, rather than what could be. They need to consider the potential: are there enough people who WOULD come out to games under the conditions I would create there? As Young said when he bought the Cats, he needed to know that there were a lot of fans who were angry about the way things had been going...if everyone had stopped caring, he'd have walked away. Whether the atmosphere is the same in Ottawa as it was in Hamilton in '03, I can't say. I don't live there, and I haven't done the market research that these potential owners have surely done. But I refuse to believe that a city the size of Ottawa, with all its suburbs and satellite cities and all that, CAN'T support a CFL team if it's marketed properly.

As for Brooke Burke and the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders...sure it's a gimmick, but I wouldn't complain. :wink: