Is Huff playing 4D chess?

Considering Toronto was such an active participant in Free Agency this year and being a huge Stamp fan; I can't help but wonder why Huff was able to get 2 draft picks for 3 players we were about to lose regardless, while no other GM who lost players to Argos was able to pull off this feat. Has anybody else wondered this? Is there a good reason this happened that I don't know about?

I thinks the draft picks were for the Global drafts and a switch of the regular CFL draft. It was a minimal loss for the Argos

They get a fifth round pick in the Canadian draft and a 3rd rounder in global draft. You can call that minimal if you want, but the fact is Huff got something out of absolutely nothing, which no other GM seems capable of. Don't forget too, last year he got Ottawa's first pick for then soon to be Free Agent- Nick Arbuckle

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The Global pick won't see any time on the field in future. All the best Canadian players will be gone the time Calgary picks in the 4th round. The three players that the Argos received could help them contend for the Grey Cup.

Speaking for the Stamps, they have done well with some of their later round picks, including 2 main stays on the o-Line that just retired (Erdos & Bergman). Besides that the Stamps now have 2 extra picks that they wouldnt normally have and gave up nothing in 3 players they weren't going to re-sign anyways. How is that not a good thing?

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Hufnagel has fielded a competitive team every year he has been with the Stamps both as a coach and GM
No question that Huff is one of the best GM's in the League.
He is one of the top recruiters in the League
Recruits local Calgary Dino University players
Canadian QB's Andrew Buckley and now has acquired Michael O'Conner

In the NFL as a QB Coach
He coached Tom Brady to a Superbowl
He has also coached both Peyton Manning and Eli Manning

As a result of his time in the NFL he has a lot of contacts.