Is Holmes being misused?

I am picking up from another poster on this site that thinks Corey Holmes is being misused.

I agree 100%.
We need him fresh for the return game and second down patterns out of the backfield.

I was frustrated to see Yeast as the primary punt returner the other night. Was Holmes still a little banged-up?
Was it to rest Holmes for full-time backfield duty, or did Ron prefer Yeast to Holmes in the punt return?

Either way a fresh Holmes is a must. Maybe looking how Sask. used him in his Western MVP season would help.

Right now he is kind of invisible.

"Was it to rest Holmes for full-time backfield duty?" BINGO!!

Ranek didn't dress. Hot humid evening.

As you say, a fresh Holmes is a must.

He must get minimum 25-30 touches in the game -- returns and plays from scrimmage -- to be effective. With Yeast's departure, I hope we will see Corey at slotback much more with Ranek at RB. We have to find ways to get him the ball in the offense because this is ridiculous.

Oski Wee Wee,

Holmes is a great player but misused. He should be used the same way he was used in Sask. We do need a good running game, without it our O is offensive.

Holmes isn't the only player being misused...THIS WHOLE TEAM IS BEING MISUSED! why have Eakin sit in the pocket when he can run with the ball when under pressure? Why don't we have the Linebackers blitzing on 2nd down situations...there are many more players being misused and it is all the coaches faults! They dont have a clue, get rid of them and find some coaches who know how to run a football team!

I think they run to many trick runs with him why dont they just give him a normal handoff like a slam or dive or offtackle or sweep play and hes going to do what he can do. When you do these trick plays all the time it starts to become unorganized and teams are prepared for them this is not peewee football were playing here Powpow.

Obviously he is being misused and obviously he isnt getting enough touches.

Forget Holmes, there is lots of players on the team that are mis-used or being not allowed to perform to there best ability. Why is that??

They should start Holmes at SB instead of using him to return kicks. Anyone who returns kicks on the Cats with Erdman as special teams coach can look forward to nothing but catching the ball without any blockers in sight and being pummelled immediately. Just ask Craig Yeast.

Holmes should get the ball as often as possible on O. He is a great player who is fun to watch. Will he want to sign a long term contract in Hamilton now that the team is having trouble winning? I hope so.

You're right on the money.

I disagree with ticatsackattack, we should use Corey for returning kicks; he certrainly does this well.

In the past several years we have lost our "budding players" that make up the ST squads due to our nearly bankrupt status and inability to meet wonder so few chose to stay around!

We seem past that now, and if our newbies are the first to figure out the new kick return blocking rules, Corey will certainly be the first uy to be running back kicks for TD's. Here's one where you need to give the whole League some "time" to figure out the zebra's...

Holmes will run them "north-south", Yeast admittedly had issues in doing this. We are improved and lets go forward.

When Corey Holmes had to assume a larger role on offence due to the injury to Josh Ranek, Craig Yeast did a good job of returning punts. Now that Yeast has been released, the Ticats need Holmes to become the primary returner again.

In situations where the Ticats want to increase the usage of Holmes on the offensive unit and need to give him a break on punt/kick returning, maybe they should give DeVon Fowlkes a chance. The kid has 4.36 speed and showed some promise as a returner and a receiver during the pre-season. Of course, this may change if Kahlil Hill is released by the Jaguars and returns to the Ticats by early September.

when jason goss first got here he has some pretty good punt/kick returns. hasn’t done it since.

This reminds me of something I mentioned in the first thread about Yeast being cut, which as you may know, was deleted. I mentioned that we might see more of Quinnie on special teams. And perhaps one of the reasons Yeast was replaced was because the team believed players like Quinnie and/or Fowlkes could take his place. And perhaps it's also believed that there might be a good chance that Khalil Hill would return. That is something I would like to see. After seeing how Hill did as a slotback and kick returner last season, I'm sure we would not miss Yeast if Hill did return.

please someone tell us that Hill is returning....

Lack of use is misuse, no? That is my biggest disappointment from an otherwise solid win!

Oski Wee Wee,