is Higgins the Dumbest coach in the CFL???

how far were the stamps on that last punt ?...wasn't it around 40?......i remember thinking they shoulda went for the field goal....they still woulda been down by 5, but thats better than being down 8....instead they punted it and lost by 2...

was anyone else surprised that they didnt atleast ATTEMPT the field goal from 40ish???

the following is from the sports section of ( they have similar questions ):

---Speaking of playing the percentages, Higgins could have eliminated the scenario minutes earlier when, while down eight points, he instructed punter Burke Dales to try kicking out of bounds instead of through the endzone for a single. The kick failed on both accounts, prompting the late two-point quandary.---

Following Burris's second touchdown of the afternoon with just 41 seconds left in a 25-23 game, the Red & White's Not Ready for Prime Time players were whistled for a time-count violation as they lined up at the five. Pushed back to the 10, Burris was sacked while rolling out in search of an open receiver.

"I mean, (expletive), we didn't have the right personnel in the game -- we didn't know what the (expletive) we were doing," said Lewis, shaking his head in disbelief.----( this is lewis refering to the 2 point conversion attempt and the penelty the stamps got )

"It cost us another win on a two-point game play two weeks in a row."

It was an inexcusable gaffe at the pro level.

Said head coach Tom Higgins: "It was poor execution on our behalf.

Someone posted somewhere else that there was a real strong wind against Calgary at that point in time.

I dunno though

i wish there were ANNOUNCERS to tell us that!!!

.........ok complaining guy, I was there and I'll tell you there was a strong wind from the north, strong enough to make the stamps think twice about attempting a FG........Sandro, kicking deity he is, already had missed one from that distance earlier in the game........

well...i wasn't there, and had no announcers on t.v. to say there was a strong wind, and nothing in the articles i've read had mentioned a strong how was i to know?
ok, red and white?...arggg

Although the bespectacled one does make a strong case for this award by some of his calls, I think Jim the orater Daley is looking to overtake him by seasons end.

.......well, the polite thing to do dg would be to ask "gee, is there a good reason why this didn't happen" instead of proclaiming someone stupid because of a play you misinterpreted......... far as the two pointer, yup, brain farts all around.......but the five yard loss really didn't hurt anything as they were going to the air anyways........just bad execution.......

the polite thing, perhaps....but when im reading articles from sports journalists who were there and wondering the same thing i was.....

and i did ask if there was a reason....i asked last nite, to which noone responded, then i found this article today.....

u shoulda responded to me yesterday, redwhite

Well I dunno about dumbest, nerdy definately , Somehow I can see him with a pocket protector 10 pencils deep.. lining up for some Programmer/Analyst Job :wink:

Ok, the fact that Calgary had no 2 point play in mind when it came to that point is just ridiculous. How can you not be ready for a situation like that?? Isn't that what practice is for? Higgins seems to be a very well liked, good motivational coach, but I question his tactical abilities. Especially not going for the 2 against Toronto, that made no sense at all.

On another note, it may seem crazy, but I think Danny Macioca was getting Edmonton players to fake injuries at opportune times. It seemed like whenever Calgary was gaining momentum or the fans were into it, there was an Edmonton player down with the same bullshit leg injury, and they were all fine after. This happened atleast 4 or 5 times. It may be a consipiracy theory, but something looked fishy. polite then, it'll might get you your answers sooner........and whos to say it was wind anyways, could've been different on the field from where I was sitting.........and were all the sportswriters you read on the field? probably not, but whatever, the game's over, it's all dust in the wind......I will agree on the leg injury thing to a certain extent, coincidence or not there was an EE player on the field for many of the stampeders momentum drives, not complaining here, just noting........

Fishy is correct, that's one of the oldest tricks in the book and still works today in football and hockey, some call it a disgusting side of sport, others say it's fine example of good coaching. Did the esk's lay on a field to rest there D??. I couldn't tell you if they did, but I was thinking the same thing while watching the end of the game.

........I think it was the third time it happened the refs actually stood right by the injured player while he was being tended to by the trainers.......watching pretty closely.........maybe it was fishy to them to?...........

i think higgins is the second dumbest coach ever
the dumbest coach ever is danny macocia
he looks like a gopher to

I'm thinking of starting a new poll: Guess the number of loose cannons using this site.

I guess there would be no right answers as the number goes up on a daily basis.

Just out of curiosity, Crazyesks, how can you call "dumbest coach ever" a guy who won two Grey Cups as an offensive coordinator, won the junior superbowl event while coaching team Canada, and is 7-3 as a head coach in his career?

he has made serveral dumb calls this year.

dumbest coach ever = Matt Dunigan ...

Higgins makes some questionable calls at bad times, but he's still an improvement over last year, and he's still a good coach. He did win a Grey Cup two years back, and he did host a bunch of playoff games. He is a bit of a gambler, but having a big gamble pay off is huge.

As for the injuries ... there was an "injured" eskimo every 4th play. There were TWO Stampeder injuries in the whole game. Gimme a break! The same thing happened when Edmonton was in Ottawa. Cheap playing ...

Yes ....yes he is

First blame the refs
then move on to fake injuries

Who blamed the ref ro???

Did you watch the game???