Is Harris gone?

Bad move on the Argos to let Harris blow in the wind.
Now with rumours he may sign in Regina.
If he goes there goes the season since ray is done.

Harris isn't that good. He showed glimpses of brilliance early then was exposed as average. He has a big ego, demanding to be the league's highest paid player despite nothing to deserve it. I hope he goes to Ottawa or Montreal so I can see the Argos routinely ruin his playoff plans. Him and Collaros, both. :rockin:

What happens when Ray is either injured or perhaps retires.
He is slow in the pocket, a pylon and cannot take too many hits.
You realize the cupboard is bare.
This after we gave away first the best blue chip player who would have been the MOP last year, Collaros.
Now the second blue chip you want to have him walk.
I don't get it.

You worry about Ray getting injured then mention Collaros - who has been injured in both his years in Hamilton. :roll:

Sign him TO. Do not let this one get away.

Ray used to be money in the bank, but now looks more like the Canadian dollar. HOF for sure, but that is past performance. If Harris goes, big trouble brews.

It is starting to look like Harris and agent are either waiting to the last minute to resign with the Argos, or he has a better offer from another club when he becomes a free agent.
Nobody tell the Commissioner as he might think there was tampering going on. :slight_smile:

Has kevin glenn played for TO yet? lol


YEAH ==HE DID----NOW ARGOS HAVE A# QB'S RAY HARRIS AND ??? with the other camp guys if there is ---how bout bringing back BISH---LOL LOL LOL LMAOF LOL lOL lOl LOL :lol:

Gone - but, today Argos signed 2 very good O.L. to protect Ray. They are very good. Coach says they have another good QB prospect on the roster and should have room on the cap to resign some of our own. Ricky will be ready and strong for season start.

Any one know where they pick on the draft

Horrible move now that it is official.
There is nothing in the cupboard with an aging and brittle Ricky ray, whose best before date has expired.
When you think about the good move to BMO with all of the positives, this is a clear negative.
Moving the team backwards several years.

They have the 4th overall pick.

I wouldn't mind the Argos giving Dan Lefevour a shot at back up now. I always liked his potential. Good size, arm and can run when needed.

I agree with you DB.
For me he does have an up side.
Even though he supposedly signed with this alleged new football league, I am sure he could be had.

I don't think the new League isn't going to get off the ground. The big backer has bailed.

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