Is Hall bailing on the riders?????

…It seems awful odd that Richie Hall hasn’t been officially announced as the dc in Regina yet…I wonder what the hold up is…Could it be Hall has changed his mind on joining the green guys…???.The coaching fraternity in riderville looks a little top heavy with four former head-coaches on board…Geez …with all of those egos bumping heads…how long before the lid blows in saskabush???Another intriguing move is why do our provincial neighbours want to talk to Harris on our staff…Maybe they’re gearing up for a ‘see ya later’ from Hall???..Stay tuned :roll:

I was a bit puzzled about the Riders asking to speak to Harris. It couldn't be for the D line position because that would be a lateral transfer. . . but if it's for the D/C job, I thought he was on record as saying 'not interested'. . . now mind you we can all change our minds about how we feel about things (MadJack is twice divorced, after all), but if Harris has changed his mind and is willing to be a D/C, why not stay in Winnipeg as the D/C spot is open there too. . .

.......This whole scenario with Hall and Harris has got me 'head-scratching' MJ.... I can't see Harris making a lateral move ..I do know he is very friendly with Marshall but a lot of people are forgetting he is also best budz with Barrin Simpson (best man at Harris' wedding a few years ago, i believe)...I guess the riders could invent a title for Harris (hate to see him go) to make it look kosher but heh that's the wacky world of football...Our coaching ranks are getting a little depleted..I hope we make our choice for dc soon (why is it i have a hunch we're waiting for the official dc word out of sask. first) :wink:

.....further to the Harris reference in my last post...Message to Lapo...'How about asking the riders for permisssion to talk to Bob Dyce....I never liked the fact he left for that green bunch anyway????He's a savvy football man..If the riders sign Harris and give him a phoney title..i say we go after Dyce bring him back and give him a similar title with a raise... Two can play that game..Tit for tat and all that :stuck_out_tongue:

From what I read at EP, Richie Hall is/was on his honeymoon but even still it does seem to have been a long time. I was surprised about the request to talk to Harris as well because I thought you can't do that for a lateral move too.

The Leader-Post article about Daley being fired says that Hall in on a cruise and can't be reached.