Has anyone seen same??? With the best(arguably) Grey Cup in recent memory, one would think how the CBC and or the CFL would have taken advantage and have it available for Christmas? What about other merchandise or season tickets in your teams area. I know here in the Center of the Universe, I have heard radio commercials for Argos pitching season tickets for 06.

I think it will be available in January.

KK is at it again....speculation...

I for once did check with the CBC the day after the Grey CUp:

Here is the repliy I got from CBC Shop:

Hello XGamer,

Thank you for contacting the CBC Shop. We currently are not selling
the "2005 Grey Cup" here at the Shop. There have been talks that a DVD
may be available in the future, but nothing that is guaranteed. We will
save your e-mail and contact you if and when we receive order details.

Thank you for your enquiry and have a great holiday season.

Chris customer service
9:00-5:00 pm EST
Monday to Friday

sorry, I took a crap in the wind on that since no body replyed to argotom yet.

Thanks for the update XG. If that's the case, why wouldn't the league take advantage and package something like a year in review with the brilliant Grey Cup? One would think how this should be an annual event and always in time for the busiest buying time at Christmas. I don't think the production costs would be exorbitant. One year I believe there was a VCR available produced by NFL films.

Last year the Argos win and the CBC produces a DVD
This year Edm wins and there are no plans :evil:

its all about toronto in canada ...haven't u heard?

Does this mean you post stuff when you dont know what you are talking about?

Say it aint so :roll:

Sometimes, yes, I thought it would be avalable by January like the last one was if I recall correctly. :oops:

But I'm dead set on the things I'm passonite about

Why don't we all phone the above number and inquire about it. If enough of us all call, maybe they'll produce something.

Hmmm, any coincidence since the "Centre of the Universe" isn't involved?

As much as I don't like the Eskimoes and I'll probably wouldn't buy the DVD since I never like the Esks nor the Als, that's rather unfair. CFL has a great opportunity on their hands and they're not taking it.

I'm really surprised there are no plans! The league has to move on this ASAP. I didn't tape the Grey Cup this year because I assummed it would be out on DVD. Its this kind of inconsistent marketing which the league has to shake. It needs a long-term video and marketing deal as a part of the contract to broadcast the Grey Cup!

I phoned CBC, got an answering machine and left my number…they never called back.

Next time, lets just tape it, bootleg it, sell it, and make some illegal copyright money. I’ll use my profits to give to my team to sign players secretly under the salary cap!..LOL

I have it on DVD :lol:
Taped it myself. Well DVD'd it myself

That's great and most of us remebered. But, my issue again is how the league and or CBC missed a great opportunity during the busiest purchasing time of the year to MARKET the league. Together with the usual team memorabilia etc. Despite the end of the year for scheduling purpose, there should never be a down time, but especially around Christmas time.

How much???

I bet you could make a few dollars selling on here!

Its a 2 disc set.
Actually instead of recording it to VHS I record it to DVD

You could offer it both ways. Maybe if CBC had some competition from an entrepenural person like your self, they would get the rag out of "You know where" and take the initiative to sell it themselves!

Would I have to edit out the comercials?