Is gopher tossing legal in Sask?

LMOL watched them throw gainer up and down! are there any laws against the bad treatment of gophers in Sask?

It's only illegal on windy days, cause they don't come back down.

Having a Gainer Day would be the perfect marketing ploy by the Riders,IE: Before the Labour Day Classic, hand out Gainer shaped boomerangs to all the kids......

"Back in the dirty 30's when the gopher population was overabundant the sport of gopher tossing was seen across the praries. The provincial gov't. in fact enacted legislation making July 24th a provincal holiday on behalf the little critters in 1936. In 1939 people of saskatchewan tried rallying the World Olimpics Commitee to add Gopher tossing to the Summer Olimpics. The World however wasn't ready for it and the movement soon squashed. By 1967 the province needed to reduce the number of provincal holidays, and scince the number of gophers living in the province was vastly diminished, provincal gopher day was stricken from gov't records. In 1968 as a tribute to the courage of these never say die creatures the Saskatchewan Roughriders claimed them to be their team mascot."
--CLIFF CLaven
Man it seems like forever before this rider game is going to begin. Go Riders!