Is Glenn good enough, for our Bomber's..??

Keven showed potential..but he also showed he's still learning...
And the bbomber's will be spending most of there gold coins, on Defense..
So Glenn will be the starting Bomber QB...

I like to see someone else like Wynn start, but Glenn has proven himself and has the numbers that rival Allen, so he is good to go.

....I worry a little about the guys age....and of late his tendency to get injured....but if Dave Dickenson becomes available...I say go after him... it.would make us an instant contender ...Kevin Glenn shows flashes of becoming a starter ...but I have to think of the mental lapses he cost us a couple of games....I would have to say he is still deep in the learning curve... :roll:

age being too old or too young? And i have to agree that hes definately a solid back-up, but i think he should be standing where Michna does on the sidelines. He should be next to Michna taking advice from a developed CFL starter.

our qb position will be interesting this will be nice to see what a healthy wynn can do and glenn, michna and martin all got some playing time under their belt......I suspect one of them is going to step up this year and really become a bona fide starter......they are all good young players who are only going to improve....

I dont like the idea of the Bombers getting DD, sure, he’s one of the best QB in the CFL, but pnce he goes down as histroy has proven, that could be the end of the Bombers season.

...and what if Glenn goes down....what if Michna goes down.....what if Wynn goes down.....could happen to any QB. got to go with the best that's available....ask the Stumps... :?:

if all our guys go down, we are finished! and will have to forful our remaining games! :shock:

…you’re missing my point Kanga…you are saying you have a problem with D.D because of injuries… …well if I remember right… Glenn was out of action for quite awhile with injuries…it can happen to any QB…it’s part of the game…and Dickenson is as safe a bet as any of our present QB’S…Wynn was also out with an injury last year…every team has to play through them… :!:

Yea with our lack of Ws we'll take anything better than what weve got, regardless of the age or the injury risk.

You got a point Bomberboy...Some times you just got a let those dice roll...
We do have to improve, at the end of the season, would of, could of,should of is not good enough.

I know Glenn went down, but not as much as DD did, is Glenn even still with us?

yes glenn is still with us, right now hes in detriot with his family and he says hes eager about the new head coach.

With Barry I think that Glenn could learn some new things that could make him a solid starter, this last year seemed to be a trial year that gave him a chance to get used to the receivers that we have. But now with a new coach (that knows that he's talking about), a solid 4 receivers (Stegall, Brazzell, Johnson and Stokes) all we need to do is make sure that Glenn arches his throws unlike some of the tosses that we saw this last season and we could possibly be a force to be wreakoned with on offense.

...rumour being floated around is a trade with the Leos......Roberts for Dickenson........I say no bloody way....D.D. may be a great qb....but no-way the Bombers make that trade..... :evil:

To risky....stokes for Dickenson yes....but probably won't happen...

With Johnson III signed, I'd put Stokes up with a couple other players if we could actually get Dickinson. But even with the Bombers gunning for that Grey Cup in their hometown, I still don't see them being able to afford Dickinson with a bunch of the other "star" players like Milt, Charlie, etc.

I think it'll be a really interesting training camp behind the centre, and feel that it's highly possible Tee Martin could be the odd man out (assuming the same 4 end up in training camp). With a healthy Wynn, he could surprise a lot of people, and when Michna's had a chance to play, he's shown he's got what it takes. And really, save for those 2 late game INTs near the end of the season, I'm overall very pleased with the way Glenn has played (which took me a while, since I always favourited Khari and was worried Glenn would do nothing as his replacement). In reality, though, the offence is not the problem in Winnipeg (best RB in the league in Roberts, a very solid receiving corps of Stegall, Stokes, Johnson III, Brazzell, the most underrated non-starter in the league in Stoddard, and other non-starters who showed promise last year like Colon and McDonald). Let's rock and roll with the offence.

The defence needs to much work, and a HELL of a lot of new face. I wouldn't be overly upset or concerned if they got rid of everyone but Brown, Fleming, Canada, Malbrough, and Walls! CLEAN HOUSE!

...yeah...most of the concern is on D...but a lot of new faces showed up at the end of last year ...that didn/t get a good look....Charlton...Tupuila....could be a talent surprise.....and I hope Taylor comes back and takes a good shot at making the camp seems soooooooo long away.....but if Taman can pull off signing..Barrin Simpson....things will really be looking up... :slight_smile:

No way, Roberts was the leader in the league even when the BB's were at the bottom in the West, he one of the guys we have to build around, not get rid of.

...I know would be a sad day indeed if they ever trade would be comparable to the Bombers trading Leo Lewis in his prime.....he has to remain a Winnipeg Blue Bomber ...FOR SURE...until he decides to hand em up... :!: