Is George Black gonna admit his refs screwed up!

That pass interference call On Cox that took away a Boulay interception was awful!!!

I look forward to reading GB's post this week...

OH, George, read this:

Do you investigate your refs? Do you have a policy on referee conduct? Have any of your refs ever gambled?

These questions are coming. Might as well get ahead of the 8 ball and start your homework now!

He wont publicly admit it but I’m sure he will have a few words for them in the privacy of his office.

Yeah, it wont be in public.... I wouldn`t want my boss (When I was working) to take out an newspaper ad Sporty lost the John Doe account. Like ro said, a meeting in the corner office tomorrow.

To burn your employees at the stake publicly wouldn't be in the best interest of attracting more talented officials to this league.

Having said that, admitting erroneous calls does not go without precedent. The NFL admitted a missed pass interference call in a San Fransisco playoff game in overtime several years ago. This affected the outcome in that particular game.

The CFL has done the same also. I'm sure that this mistake will be acknowledged. Whatever disciplinary action comes down on that particular official will be private unless we or the media take notice to his absence in the coming weeks.

That makes sense. He will surely drill them on the importance of looking impartial and honest. I wonder though if CFl refs (who don't make much money), after the NBA ref scandal, and the scrutiny and hardship it will cause all refs, will be willing to keep working for low wages, and just for the passion of the game? I really beleive the NBA ref scandal will unfortunately hurt sports, refs and fans in general.
The only time a sports fan should feel disappointed, is when his home team loses.
Now (I mean today), a sports fan picks up the paper, reads about Pacman Jones, Michael Vick, the tour de France, Barry Bonds, and the NBA ref...
A lot of people love sports, but it sure feels like "sports" loves no one; it even hates the fans...

George Black will have to adress this one publically, but at the same time, he won't burn anyone at the stake.
I assume there will be an admission that the whistle should not have gone, but the official position will be that an interference call is a judgement call, and so the ref will not be publically admonished for that aspect.
In private however, I hope they make him watch the video in a Clockwork Orange type setting and then he'll never make that mistake again....

What about the Avery (I think it was him) catch that was clearly a completion but called incomplete by the refs? Even after review it was clearly a catch.

What about the holding on Johnathan Brown on the Punt return TD?

I don't see anybody outside Toronto complaining about that.

That's because everyone outside Toronto HATES Toronto!! :lol: :lol:

After stating replay is a waste, I will say that the "catch" (I thought it was Bruce)may or may not have been so, but there was no way to overturn it from the video replay.
There were two points at which the ball may or may not have touched the ground. You simply could not tell from replay.

As for a holding on the punt return, I did not see any live, but before I delete the game, I'll take a look.
It better be there.....!!!

I believe there was a man holding the would-be tackler's arm.

You have likely heard the old saying, "you could call holding on every play"?
Well not this one!
I absolutely see no evidence of even a marginal hold, let alone one worth flagging.
The player you think was held, Brown #97, does not appear to even be on the field--not 100% sure on that aspect, but I didn't see him.
But sorry, I will have to buzz you out on this one...

I don't believe it was a compilation. As for the video-replay rule, there was no evidence to overturn it.
I will check for holding on the return.

I thought the Avery one was a completion until I saw the replay from the back angle , which showed that he bobbled the ball coming out of the roll over and it may have touched the ground . No way that one could have been overturned .

The intercept callwas ridiculous though . The ref never even looked at the play until completion and then appeared to throw the flag only to cover for his gaffe of blowing it dead before the play was over .Why else the delay in throwing the flag ?

No comparison in the two calls.