Is Friday's Game A Must Win ???

8) I know it is pretty early in the season to call any game a must win game.
  However considering that if we lose this next game, and our next two road opponents are Montreal and Sask., this team
  could conceiveably be 0-5 by the end of July.

   Obviously Friday's game is this teams chance to turn things around, one way, or the other !!

    Hopefully it will be the right way.

yes,because you cannot allow a team in the east to be two games up on you with an inability to win the season series.

I think Coach MB will have one foot on the the plank if things don't start changing soon, reminds me of Greg Marshall winning nine games and coach of the year first year and losing his job the next year. Strange football in the Hammer, now teams in trouble will want to play us to break their cycle of losing football. Nothing Ive seen so far will change our predicament. My heart is with this team but my mind says we're in trouble. The other teams have gotten better and tougher and I'm not sure wear we've gotten. Some questionable coaching many are beginning to think.

Go back to 1986 (year of the Tiger) and look at our record after 6 games (1-5). Seems to me that we went into BC and won the cup. Never lose the faith. :lol: :lol: :lol:


If we don't win on Friday we will start the season @ 0-5. Road wins in Montreal and Regina don't happen often.

Unacceptable from a fan standpoint.

Kevin Glenn was uncharacteristically cocky in an interview before our first game with Winnipeg ... when asked about pressure he replied "Pressure ... how do you spell that"?

If we don't win on Friday night he may want to invest in a Webster's Dictionary.

This team, and this City, does not need rumours swirling around about our HC and his future.

That was only after owner Harold Ballard called everyone on the Tiger-Cats a bunch of over-paid bums and low-lifes......

somehow I just can't picture Bob Young going on such a rant in the locker-room :lol:

8) I sure do remember Harold calling his Cats, "Over-Paid Bums", but he certainly didn't call them "Low Lifes" !!! :roll:

Hmmm, I wonder what Harold would think of his Leafs the last few years with all the money they make now in the NHL? Might be using words a little more descriptive than low life overpaid bums. :smiley:

That comment was not during the 86 season. It was two years previous.

Friday is a must win. Not only to reverse the trend but cant fall behind two games to a div. rival.

ah,1984 the first of 3 successive trips to the cup.answer me this cat fans how many teams since caretaker bought the club have been to no grey cups ,won no playoff games and have not posted one above 500 season?answer one guess who?

Yes for the season and the attendence.

i think that we should just approach this game like every game this year... as a must win but more importantly as a game that the team is capable of winning. that needs to be the mentality

I think its a must win, otherwise if TC lose 2 games to WPG, why not lose 4 games to them? If they lose friday, 0-7 could be very realistic.

2004 above .500 season - Answer to your question is NONE

Keep the faith

Oskee wee wee

I missed Ballard He had Guts...
Bob is a more laid back owner then Ballard was.
I met both men and It like talking about night and day
Bob is much more down to earth.
Harold was all Business

AS for The Question
Yes I feel it is a Must win...
Reason Momentum
We seen what losses due to locker room
We seen what wins do to that same locker room

You can't afford to Let rest of East to get two far in Front .
Montreal is our next gane
We are there for there Home opener
The New upgrades Molson Stadium
will have 13 Men in there Flavor.
That will be a hard game to win but not impossible

The key is to win the game with the peg
Get mo on your side
We get some good feelings back in Locker room 1st
Good Football Teams can Bounce back from bad losses.
as long was they Starting winning soon
We lose 3 in row in will not help the locker room.

It is a must win.

I would say so only because we have Montreal and Sask. the follow weeks. But if we were playing the Argo's right after I would so no. But with the up and coming schedule yes...

Marcell seems a little thick between the ears at times. Hopefully he will get Tigpen more involved in the offense. I hope 65 is up for the game of his life, cause if he plays like he did in Winnipeg we are in real trouble again.

Dan here 2004,9-8-1 regular seasson. Lost playoff game ergo 9-9-1 or a 500 season not a single over 500 season under his ownership no grey cup appearances and no playoff wins I regrettably am right.

Do they want to go into Montreal's home opener with a record of 0-3? I should think not!