Is Fantuz concussed

It looked to me that he really hit his head on the turf on that hard tackle he took. Will he play this Thurs? Has anyone seen him at practice?

On another unrelated subject - perhaps the O and D linesmen should be hit with a cattle prod just before they go on the field to 'charge' them up. I sure hope the whole team can find their way to the plane for Thursday's game.

Maybe their all concussed. :oops:

Also wonder what the story is on Hage. He was at C up to and including the TD play that ended the 3rd Quarter. Showed no sign of anything wrong on that play and then never appeared in the 4th Quarter.

I was thinking up to this game, and since pre-season, that the Ti-Cats had been fortunate to have stayed pretty healthy. Sure enough they get a bye week, and the game after a number of players get injured.

Hopefully nothing will be anything major.


Maybe they can teach Dile to count to 2 this week so he does not jump offside on the long snap count. How about 1... and another 1 :roll:

8) Coach Cortez said that it is still unclear when Fantuz will be able to return to action.
  Worse news regarding Knowlton, who the Coach says is still several weeks away from returning, due to his ankle injury.

   At least Hage is back to practice, after suffering an upper body injury during last Thursdays game.