Is Fantuz a Bust?

Granted injuries are part of the game, but in the 1 1/4 seasons with the Ticats, Fantuz has been injured for ~10 games. Yes, when he plays he has been our top receiver...but he hasn't been playing for much of his time with the Ticats. At what point is he not worth the dollars being paid and the salary cap hit being taken.

Sports is cruel business, but teams need performers on the field not on the sidelines.

On the side lines ? Like 34 posts in 2.5 years ?

In his time with us, he's taken a concussion and a hamstring pull, both of which can happen to any player who plays hard.
In my opinion, we should give him the chance to recover from this latest and then see what happens. If he gets injured again, maybe we could think that he may be injury prone, maybe! But this guy is still a great receiver in my view and we should continue to take the salary "hit" until he proves otherwise.

Since when is 5 games "appoximately 10 games"? He's missed 4 games this year, and 1 last year. If you count the game in which he was injured last year, that totals 6 games.

"Fragile Fantuz"

8) Obviously the hamstring injury to Fantuz was a lot worse than first reported, for him to miss this many games.
   Hopefully with the bye week coming up, he will have this week plus the bye week  to fully recover.

Whoa whoa whoa...lets not try and do any research here...that's crazy talk. Don't try and be a hero ExPat. The man counted 10 games, it must be matter what my eyes have told me (or 10 is the new 5, haven't you heard.

Ridiculous post is ridiculous. Fantuz is the cream of the crop when it comes to Canadian receivers. I really think he'd be leading the league in receiving if not for his injury. He looked lights out against the Argos, you could tell he was very comfortable in this offence. Once we get healthy, this team could become very dangerous, contrary to popular belief.

You come on the forum asking for us to bench the leading passer in the league, and get rid of one of the top Canadian talents in the league. Brilliant. That's how we will build a winner, get rid of two more vets who are proven winners.


This thread made me mad :twisted: :lol:

What 2ez4 said X 2!!!!!!!! :rockin: :rockin:

I believe I heard that between Fantuz and Williams last year they had a total of 74% of the receiving yards last year along, tell you right there that Fantuz is long from being done in the CFL. What would you rather have a guy a 80% comes back retweeks his injury and out for the year, or to come back 100% for the rest of the season!

Bingo. The CFL season isn't a sprint, it's a marathon. Much rather have Fantuz at 100% down the stretch, than at 80% all season.

ABSOLUTELY!!!!! Lets let him heal properly and get him at 100% for the stretch drive after the bye-week heading into and beyond Labour day.With a coaching change in Mtl. and the Bombers in dissaray plus the Eskimo's having their problems we have a long way to go and are far from out of the race for the play-offs,if this team ever gets totally healthy and cohesive they could do some real damage down the stretch drive. :cowboy:

Andy Fantuz is a Great Canadian Receiver and darn glad he's a Ti-Cat, injuries are part of the game but he's young, has a long road ahead of him still at least another ten years or so if he wishes to play and so much can change along the way. I guarantee we would be watching a different Ti-Cat Team if we had all our starters playing on the field at once and not injured!

Winning is contagious, Losing is like Misery, it loves company and is very addictive!!


Our offense, for the most part (excluding O-line) is not the problem, our problem is a defence that is full of holes no matter where you look. Who cares if we score 100 pts if the other guys score 101?

An over rated over paid player that can't stay healthy.
The team is missing Chris Williams more than anything else, a guy that was underpaid and under appreciated.

If I had my way I would reduce the Canadian content by 2, cut Fntuz and Giguere , sign CW to a big contract, bring back arland Bruce and get some experienced import linemen


Chris Williams wouldn't let you have your way. And at this stage, the only way you could bring Arland Bruce back would be to trade something of value away to Montreal.

I guess that math wasn't one of your strong points in school was it mikem? current rosters on game day are set at 42 players,consisting of 3q.b. 20 cdn 19 imp. Now you say reduce the Cdn content by 2 (20-2=18),imp.=19(+2=21).So if one assumes linemen(plural=2 or more)plus Williams plus Bruce are signed up,your now sitting with 44 players on a 42 man roster.20-2=18+21+2+3=44.....Good thing you don't have your way.Don't quit yer day job! G.M. is not for you. :roll: :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

Easy there. To be fair to Mikem, he didn't say ADD 2 lineman to the existing roster, he said get some and that would imply finding and replacing not adding to the roster...just saying. No need to insult a person especially when you are inferring what you think was said and not facts stated...once again just saying.

Did ya not notice the smilies? It's just getting a little tiresome hearing bring back Cobourne,bring back Williams,Bruce lets get rid of Fantuz,this player that player etc etc Just where are these experienced import linemen supposed to come from? Bring back Bruce ? he's on his 2nd team since leaving here and is clearly at the end of his career.Fantuz is among the top receivers in the league,he will be back for the stretch drive.Simply put in a nutshell...Williams ain't coming back,Bruce is over the hill and experienced imp. O-lineman don't grow on trees.So I'm sorry if ya think I insulted yer buddy.....but if you read his post its kind of ridiculous and not very well thought out!! :slight_smile: :cowboy:

A bust, a bust is when the player plays and under performs not when he's hurt and can't play, especially when he's had the injuries he's had. Hammy and concussion.