Is everyone o.k. with your teams uniforms!?

I know they change every season, but I liked my team in black n orange or white n orange! not all orange! it’s like hey we’re the halloween team! trick or treat! I respect the colors but dang does orange go with anything? Riders I feel 4 you too It’s not easy being green! If i had my choice black n red or black n gold! oh well doesn’t matter what I want!

dont ask me, I still like the old canucks big V.

Thanks FYB I know you have to stick with traditional colors but how much can you do with orange?????????? 2 me orange is pumkins and construction zones! oh well at least the lions lost the brown color years ago!

id forbid the lions from ever wearing the black jerseys…only orange jersey with white pants.

id also make the riders retro 3rd uni’s thier full time home jerseys.

bombers must wear white pants when wearing thier 3rd golds.

argos never to wear thier baby-blue 3rds.

als must wear silver pants with blue socks at home, and blue pants with red socks on the road…never those red pants.

esks must wear yellow pants all times. and never to wear the yellow jerseys.

stamps never to wear those black pants.

i think that covers all the offenses.

What do you mean it's not easy being green? Green is the best color ever. I love the Riders Uniforms. I'd like to see them play with their black ones every once and a while though.

P.S. Why does everyone like the riders retro uniforms so much? To be honest, i'd don't really care for them. I like the ones we have now much better.

Let's face it - the last round of Uni upgrades was awful. The only teams to come out of it ok were Edmonton and Ottawa. Every other uni was trashed. Nothing good to say about the Metro Sexual Gold Bombers - I won't even buy a hat.

I Am looking forward to seeing some of the vintage jerseys.

I dont really think the uni's are an issue, they are all great. I prefer the Rider retro jerseys because they remind me so much of the happier times I had as a kid, going to Rider games and cheering for the team in the 70's.

I like the Als 2005 uniforms, the All Blue ones. I don't know why. I also for some odd reason, liked the mix they did in Pre-Season, wearing their Regular Bergundy Home Jerseys with their Blue away pants.

But nonetheless, the CFL has the most unique jerseys in Football.

...our away uni totally is very bad....

I agree with DG and R&W.

Yes, Calgary has the worst looking road unis.

Edmonton's 3rd jerseys are the worst of any.

I don't mind the (Bomber) uniforms, but they have to get new purses. :wink:

They could play in a Glad garbage bag for all I care, as long as I see some football...

You might see more than just foot balls, if all they are wearing is a garbage bag jm. :lol:

Perhaps, but I just pay attention to the game...that's what I'm there for...

ticat gold jersey's = best uniform in the CFL


I think the Lions look good with the orange helmet and orange jersey.

My thoughts exactly, Calgary needs to scrap the leotards, Edmonton needs to burn the yellow jerseys.

I absolutely hate those puke yellow uniforms the Bombers wear. I know we win more often when we wear them, but they're just plain ugly!

I do have to admit with Doug Berry as coach, Puke & white suits the team's mood right now.

If I were a puck bunny type (what are they called in football?), I'd say I like the tight pants. But I'm not. :wink:

I'm pretty neutral and like the uniform, but do think it really stands out with the black. Either way - good by me.