Is Everyone Nervous?

What's going on? We have all these important football games coming up this weekend and there's no chatter. What are we chatting about - expansion, Grey Cup entertainment, Blackberry Apps and a new kicker in Hamilton. Last year there would have been no end of bragging and swagger in the chat rooms leading up to important games. Is this swagger and bravado missing this year because week to week none of us are sure which of our teams - good team or bad team - will show up to play?

No, it's missing because the trolls have either been punted, or they haven't crawled out from underneath their bridges yet. Here's hoping they don't! :smiley:

I know we're down a few of the Swervin Mervin types but still given the importance of the BC-Edmonton game or the Winnipeg-Hamilton tilt - I mean careers are at stake - futures being determined - not a peep out of anyone.

Well, we do still have 5 hours until the Edmonton game. I generally don't start game topics until about an hour before kickoff.

....your team is dead meat...they are going to get stabbed so bad, they gonna wish they weren't stabbed so bad....

Lol, Stamps aren't so hot either, got owned and nearly lost twice (should've lost twice, thank god for referee's and a Porter brain fart) to last years basement team.

...oh yeah?...last year's basement team apparently hasn't cleaned out their stuff yet and is in peril of losing their damage deposit as a result....PS, Porter's brain ain't the only thing farting on that boy, he blasts them out there so often the backfield refs have tears in their eyes and keep missing his head getting used as a linebacker pinata.....

(actually dusty, this is fun, thanks for bringing this up)

The Argos are going do such a number on the Riders Saturday night the boys in green won't be able to ride their combines for a week. How's that Dusty. :slight_smile:

....come back when you have a team....

To me, well, the games are all there important, self-evident in their own right and the drama is just there, not as much need to discuss specifics, I'll be watching all that I can. I find I want to chat less about the games and what's happening but would rather talk about other issues relating to the league and that. Just me though, maybe some others feel the same. Writing stuff about the games isn't as interesting to me, that's all. Same with the players. Just a general thing with me, time to time I like to get into it but not often. Sort of what DoubleBlue is getting at above.


Ok, we are going to shut down Reid Monday and force Bishop to stay in the pocket, keep our def ends wider and the blue and gold are going to have trouble with that. And use Cobb on swing out short passes more, which we should be doing BTW!! Setta, something's wrong there for sure and Porter is now due to put up some numbers in the air.

Now that's more like it and just so you know our combines are parked for the winter now.

...maybe he meant 'the boys in green won't be able to ride their concubines for a week' eh?....

Ouch, red... :lol:

Well, Earl. Brown and Simpson will shut down the run game. Sahbazz will keep Cobb from breaking the checkdown passes. Porter will get picked by the DBs as he rushes his passes and the Bomber return game will be better.'s a trash talk thread....hey Chief, what week do you think Ritchie Hall finally escapes from the Commonwealth storage closet he's been chained up in to run out on the field and rip off the high-tech latex mask to reveal that Danny M has been secretly coaching your team all season long?....

Well tophat, you may be able to stop Cobb but you won't stop the shovel passes, and you sure as hell won't shut down AB3 once he get's fired up. Jamall Johnson's gunna be in Bishop's face all night also. Let's not forget that we're seeing the return of 3 of our starter's, Peter Dyakowski LG, Darrell Adams DT and Garrett Mcintyre DE.

Edmonton fans can only hope that's what's going on... :?

I'd engage in a little of the trash talk, but when your team has lost four of its last five, you're really in no position to trash talk... With the way the receivers are playing hot potato with the football, I think we'll be lucky to escape with a victory...

Hey, I guess I did do a little trash talking there... :smiley:

I guess that means the return of the "DAMned". The only shovel in this game will be the one the Pussycats will need after wards to climb out the hole they're gonna be in. Bishop will juke and jive his way to first downs if needed or Reid will run the draw play effectively slowing the Ticat rush and when Glenn replaces Porter he will throw enough INTs that the Dbs will be salivating.