Is everybody happy?

I shut off that game at mid 3rd quarter. I can't watch that crap offence.. We have a coach who hasn't coached in years and a Qb who can't throw the ball further than 10 yards, and that's according to this game. Hey I don't blame them. The Alouettes went looking for them and offered gifts and a opportunity of a lifetime, totally neglecting the talent and coaches who been playing the last 3 years.

The offence is difficult to watch, no doubt, but they showed progression last game, so I'll remain very cautiously optimistic.

We need to sacrifice another game. No Whitaker, and Smith throws nothing but long bombs every down (25+ yarders). I think it would be good practice and would make for an interesting week of news.

With absolutely no offence intended, there is no OC in his right mind who would employ such a strategy in a meaningful football game, in a season where, despite all our struggles, we're sitting at 1-1 and tied for the lead in a very weak division. Now is not the time to be throwing games away. These are pro football players. You can learn and win at the same time. An aggressive running game featuring Whitaker (and Smith to some extent) is part of how Troy will learn. A credible ground game will instantly give him a bit more time in the pocket and blunt the edge of the enemy pass rush.

I do understand what you're saying about deep shots. Absolutely. Dinwiddie does need to go vertical more frequently. But you don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

I wonder if the relentless dink and dunk is an overreaction left over from Worman? Herb reported that Worman, in his limited time as OC, wanted a vertical offence with lots of shots taken downfield. And he was turfed. Hopefully Dinwiddie comes to the realization that we need more intermediate and deep balls in our passing game in order to be effective. As we all know, if you aren't attacking the whole field -- horizontally and vertically in all nine zones -- you will not be a very good offence. The short pass sets up the deep ball, which sets up play action and running the ball, which in turn sets up the short pass. Everything is connected.

This is a rebuilding year. The post-Calvillo era has begun and replacing a QB of that calibre would not be easy under ideal conditions. Of course we're not totally happy and we'll likely be saying something to that effect all season.

That said, there is a learning curve here. We have good players who know how to win. The trick now is to find Smith's strengths and play to them. He can make things happen with his feet, but I wouldn't want to see him running the ball every other play. Knowing, however, that he is a threat makes opposing Ds respect that, which will give him more time to find receivers.

Of course he has to go deep and work on delivering the ball on target. This improved against BC. He must continue to improve each game. The D stood on its head and made things easier for Smith. Whitaker did his thing once again and we extended drives.

I still have serious misgivings with Dinwiddie (who was only ever going to be a back-up QB) as the OC, but he is there and he, too, is on a learning curve. For the sake of the Als, I hope he also improves from week to week.

Last game was nothing to write home about, but a W is a W! I hope that we can keep racking them up, which will likely have to include a couple of "Win Uglies". I'd much prefer an old-fashioned blow-out, but I'll take a W by hook or by crook.

BORING! BORING! BORING! Ask Green, Johnson, Carter, London, etc.. if they like my idea.

And with that, you have lost my participation in this thread.

Why, I’m not talking about your insights but how the games appear to me. You make valid points but i’m talking about 1 game where they throw the playbook out the windows and just long bomb everything. Doug Berry style!

I'm happy the als are back practicing at Hebert where they belong. I'm also happy to see trestman again friday. Hopin' his Bears can make that playoff push.

And you get to wear your John Travolta suit Friday!

I’m not sure I want to know :lol:

No we`re not going dancing.

Friday`s game is being billed as a "white-out". Als to wear their white unis and fans encouraged to wear white.

Oh good ! :cowboy: