Is Edmonton Motivated or ready to GOLF?

I am curious if Edmonton has already quit on the season and is basically ready to play GOLF and end the season.

I hope they show up tonight and actually try for at least 3 qtrs tonight. I am not sure but I have this feeling that they have quit on HALL and possibly the players are looking forward to playing golf and trying to get the season over as soon as possible and collect their money and get out of town.

I hope they show up, because a loss to the Argos would be the most dissapointing loss in a long time for this storied franchise.

With a win a WIN at BC is possible because printers is starting and he is still rusty and Edmonton does well vs Printers usually.

I hope RAY shows up tonight, as it is clear he is completely confused out there and it looks like he is not allowed to throw any deep passes and just holds the ball and gets sacked pretty much every play.

Ray has to come out and throw the ball and stop hanging on to it for ever. Hopefully the O line decides to Block a litlte and give RAY the time he needs to play tonight–

This is a big game, if they lose tonight, they need to completely clean HOUSE because it would be proven that everyone form the top all the way to the bottom is a joke-

Machochia, Daley, Hall, Strasser, and then Ray, Peterson, at least 3 O lineman, Maan, Prefontaine, Loyd and his hefty salary, Rod Davis, Gordon, Goss, Malveaux and Marlborough, Ellis should all be released asap—

This is the time where they have to beat a weak ARGOS team, in fact they should come out and destroy them, but somehow I feel that RAY is done as a legit starter, not sure why, but he is brillaint at times, but he is PRONE to struggling and looking like a complete rookie out there who thinks he has 10 seconds to throw the ball-- LEts hope the real RAY shows up and not the RAY who looks slow, old and not very athletic–

This is on you RAY tonight, you have to show UP and earn your pay cheque–

This game will tell a lot about this team, HALL should be fired ASAP if they lose tonight, even before the BC game. IF they lose its clear he cant motivate a PRO team, and players dont listen to him. This is crucial tonight, this game will tell the future of this team, and will tell whether HALL has any business coaching in the CFl–


I will be cheering on RAY tonight as I feel this is his last chance, if he cannot do it tonight vs the ARGOS I feel that they should release him and his big salary. Esks dont have the money to pay a guy who stands emotionless and cannot fire up the rest of the team, they might want to bring in a more vocal QB--

ANyway this is it, this is RAY's game of his career, he has to respond here vs the ARGOS and cant look lost again and throwing bad balls to receivers feet and look slow out there- He needs to speed the game up a bit and get rid of the ball and start making it happen--

Im 40 years old and have been cheering for the eskimos since i was 11.tonight could be the turning point for me.Never have i seen such a horrid team as this season,both offence and defence,and most of all coaching/managment.Get your poop in a group edmonton!

Well I am 47 years old, i have to tell you, I have seen some Eskimo teams that have looked alot worse than this team. This team has not played well this year, I will agree, but it is not the worse product that they have put out on the field. They had a chance to win several of the past 8 games. Lets just hope tonight, they play like true Eskimos and realize this is it. I will repeat: This Is It!!!!!!! Do or die.........

Go Esks!!!! Couple more beers, and then I am off to commonwealth for a couple more. Good thing for designated drivers...

Go Esks!!! :rockin:

Worse?when would have that been?WE had the best record for all pro sports....have a couple more then head off and give macaroni a hug for all of us!

This is not Ricky Ray's last chance... Any coach who permanently benches, trades, or releases an all-star QB should be shot!

Though I haven't been watching the Eskimos as long as you two, I'd argue this isn't the worst Eskimos team. What about the teams that went 7-11 and 5-12-1? This team has potential... these guys just need to be coached properly.

I don't know what it is with this TEAM and my predictions, i was talking above about RAY and his lack of passion and EMOTION and in the CFL pregame show they were talking about RAY and his lackadaisacal attitude and lack of FIRE and passion.

They were saying he is too comfortable with the big contract and is not being pushed by MAAS because they are such good friends--

Its do or DIE HERE for RAY-- He should basically annilihate the ARGOS, if he cannot its sad to say but he is DONE I think--

CALGARY already owns RAY and has figured his game out, look at the games this year, except for the ONE win where CGY had no Defensive lineman that game, RAY has done very little vs CGY--

THe RAY that played vs MTL is needed-- PAGING RAY? PAGING RAY to the ENDZONE?

This teams scouting or lack of is a JOKE.

Machochia pickups 90% of players who were CUT and out of football. How is Anthony Marlborough and Kelly Malveaux starting?

It makes no sense to me how players that were considered washed up 3 years ago are still starting on this team. I really cannot believe how they have no scouting at all and they pick up players--

What's next is Macochia I heard Malcom Franks is available to play Corner and also Donny BRady wants to come back. Willie Pless was also apparently talking to Machochia about a comeback. Machochia also very interested in Grover Covington and James Quick Parker.

WOW they need to bring in RAY-- that first series was ridiculous???

Can he throw more than 10 yards anymore?

Ray has indeed struggled this year (although his numbers are good) ....but let me tell you all something ...... short of maybe the AL's , every team in this league would trade their starting qb's for ray in a heart beat ........ playing with a totally revamped defence & an o line that isnt helping much you cannot blame the whole teams woes on ricky.........

this is not kerry joseph here or mass / printers when they played for hamilton......

the fans that wanna get rid of ray are not very good (or wise) eskimo fans .......

watch out cfl if b.c. loses this weekend ......... esks will beat them , then win the west semi final , west final , then

steal the big shiny cup from the eastern finalist (prob the AL's ..again) .......

would be even cooler to see edm crossover ,win the eastern semi then the final & play against calgary on their home turf

& rip off a win in the battle of alberta grey cup game!!! (ok one can dream ) lol

go esks!!!!!!!! :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Playing at B.C. place against the Lions should be a motivater for the Eskies; if not, I dont’t know what is.

JUST CURIOUS where do you golf in edmonton in november



R & W you just better hope the team that played b.c. tonight doesn’t show up in calgary or they will be left crying into their cowboy hats … as much as it makes me wanna puke to admit it , cowtown has a good team (only good ,not great) , that being said their biggest problem is being way to cocky & underestimating the mighty EE , they best give them the respect they deserve when we meet in the next couple of weeks or the cowtownians will be sitting on the side watching the esks win the grey cup in their stadium

:thup: :thup: :thup: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

good luck to them (stamps) against the mighty riders (they are gonna need it ) lol, keep puking dave....

...and congrats on making the western playoffs after quite a spell outside looking in...

...btw, I'll admit the stamps were cocky and arrogant some tiem ago, but I don't see that attitude anymore, perhaps you do, thats fine...the EE performance last night will have raised a few eyebrows for sure, and I'm sure all four western teams know that any team can kick the living snot out of each other on any given day, I doubt the stamps will look beyond the EEs in the WF....Battle of Alberta to see who goes to the GC....

unfourtantly the battle of alberta only determines who goes to the WF now...but i dont think any edmonton fan should be telling us calgary is only a GOOD team and not a great one...what was the score last time we saw them? this is they're first playoff game in the west in how long? and who won the cup last year? seriously im not asking you to praise the team but you dont have to try and downplay their ability. look forward to a good game this weekend in calgary

ya ya great team, maybe that goof Nik Lewis will score yet another TD this year :smiley:

Jacok, maybe you didn't notice, but this is the Edmonton board. We can downplay Calgary all we like. :wink: