Is Edmonton ever going to change their turf?

That natural grass at commonwealth is just brutal. I honestly cannot stand even watching games when they are held in Edmonton. I see players slipping and sliding all over and I just wretch and shut the game off. I want to see a contest of football skill, not who can manage not to slip on the terrible footing. Unless it is a game that is very important to me I will probably never watch a whole CFL game held in Edmonton again. It just really, really bothers me. I'm prepared to be made fun of. Edmonton's turf is s**t.

That was kind of annoying watching guys slip all over the place, missing tackles and catching balls.

They'll never change.

That’s really funny…because I was gonna post the same thing about BC Place’s “Turd” the other day. Football was made to be played on turf…got it, Jethro??? “Turf”, my incoherent pal, is dutifully defined as “grass”. Got it? Ya don’t like it, beat it! Ya don’t wanna watch a game in E-Town again my friend, especially a loss, then NEVER tune in again. What a whack of whining broads you all are in the CFL brotherhood, er, sisterhood, er, brotherhood, eastenhood…awwww, I give up on stupid…

You win some you lose some, well unless you're Hamilton, but at least we can all agree BC place is the worst place to play due to the sound system blasting when the opposition is on.

Apparently Edmonton should be using those "non-slippery" grass seeds.

You are BOTH correct…ureal, isn’t it?

that edmonton turf is garbage....i felt like i was watchin football on ROLLERBLADES the way everyone just falls for no reason. not enjoyable at all....and the stadium is too large for the amount of people they have...everyone is so scattered in the stands, they look empty. and the lack of logos and advertisements on the turf seems low-budget...throw in the lack of replays and commentators in the argo-eskies game, i swear i was watchin highschool football.

when im at a game, theres no announcers, but atleast theres replay on the jumbo screen, and if i need to see the score or time or downs or field position, i can see them any time and all the people at skydome are in the lower bowl so it looks like theres 30 000 people when there is.....not this game!

i like my football games to LOOK like its the most important sporting event in town!
atleast one town in Alberta gets it right!!!

You are horrible. Anything else you want to complain about?

1 a : the upper stratum of soil bound by grass and plant roots into a thick mat; also : a piece of this
b : an artificial substitute for this (as on a playing field

both artificial and grass are turf!!!

I stand corrected…thank you RO. You ground me, you really do. My point was that I saw the same “skate fest” in BC. And this idiot, “drumming god” should get back on his Zildjians and drum his way outta here. Stadium, “too large”…jeebus this guy cracks me up. Almost 40,000 bums in the seats…he must be a business man, or, isthat “bidness man!”.

do u have anything better to say than callin me an idiot?...

maybe u should just make your points without the name calling? but then again, that is what u do, isnt people names?....y didnt u just simply say, u disagree?

if there was 40 000 bums in the seats, they should have restricted them to the lower bowl so it LOOKS more packed.

Seeing the stadium look empty is kinda weird. My mom always says. "How come not many people are at the game?" and of course I say, "well, because the stadium is HUGE, everyone is sitting in different places so the arena looks empty, but really there is alot of people there." It's all cool to me and for the grass, Oh well. What can you do? It's football. You fall, get back up.

thank u for your thought-out opinion and not needless namecalling.

take notes eskimoses!

my thing is, i like my PRO football to LOOK PRO....and it doesnt look pro when people are scattered around so it looks empty, the grass is slipping everyone up, and there are no advertisments on the fields.

if u have a diff opinion, good for u!

Eski-Moses likes tio insult other posters he disagrees with. Knock others yourself up. Mmmm....maybe it's forum rage syndrom. A bit like road rage syndrom, but not dangerous. Just annoying.

Anyway, regarding Edmonton's turf....I love the real grass. There was actually a time when every team had real grass and and there was certainly no shortage of classic games. The fact is grass is just part of the elements. Same as snow, rain etc. You play the game and adjust to the elements.

drumming god, football isnt a sport fopr panzies so grow up, oooo the wittle turf is to slippery,

ok drumming god put your big girl panties on and move on,

nealon, do u ever say anyting valuable?

Don’t you just love real sports commentary. I can just imagine Chris Schultz saying the above quote.

over my dead body wil;l commonwealth change their turf