is East better than West?

for the first time in many years, it looks like East division is better than West Division.

or, should I say that 2 worse teams in West are worse than the 2 worse teams in the East?

well I'd say montreal is the best team but...

Would you say Toronto is better than Calgary or sasketchewan?
I don't know about that yet.
I think winnipeg/hamilton are better currently than BC, but not sure about Edmonton.

In your analysis be sure to steer clear of the power rankings. :lol: :lol:

Toronto gave Calgary its only loss of the season, so it's at least fair to have the conversation.

Over the past decade, whenever Montreal and Toronto had strong years and the rest of the division tanked, everyone would talk about how the East was weaker. This year, Calgary and Sask are having strong seasons and the rest of the West division has tanked. So why isn't the West weaker? :wink:

I'm just playing devil's advocate here. The season is long and we'll have to wait a while before seeing how things shake out in terms of which division is stronger.

If you base it on "the cross over" then yes the East is stronger.

If you base it on strong teams, or Grey Cup potential, then I'd give the West a nod. Grey Cup (baring injuries) will be Montreal VS Calgary or Saskatchewan.

The East is 7-5 against the West this year so you can definitely argue that they are better.

maybe not better but... more competitive i think than the west.

seems like all teams in the east could and if the playoffs started tomorrow WOULD make the playoffs.

still early but we'll see.

im almost positive bc and edmonton wont do much this year.

bc's oline is the worst in the league by A LONG SHOt and thats gonna kill them.

and edmonton, well.. when u fire ur gm not even half way through the season.. enough said.

Not sure about Edmonton? :lol:

Edmonton has a lot of Talent and I think they are a lot better then BC, with Whitlock, who I think is the second best RB in the league (behind Boyd so far) and Stamp, with Ray at QB.

Have to agree with the poster above. The East is definitely more competitive. The West is basically two teams right now, and I imagine it'll stay that way for the rest of the season.

It seems to me that we're going to see a Grey Cup preview in October when the Als and the Stamps have their home-and-home. Having said that, I think the East is stronger this year by virtue of the Lions and Eskies being downright dreadful. The Alouettes look like the class of the CFL this year and as for Jason Whitlock being called the best tailback in the CFL, I have two words to respond to that: Avon Cobourne.

Toronto is no better than Hamilton or Winnipeg ! They will come back down to earth vs MTL this week ! Glenn, Pierce and Jyles are better than Lemon and it will show in the second half of the season ! It's still nice to see Toronto competitive and all 3 teams will be neck and neck the whole season ! SK and CGY are much better football clubs than those three !

Every East team comes back down to Earth when it plays Montreal...

So far, every team in both divisions comes back down to earth when it plays The Riders won the first game but not the second. The only western club not to play Montreal yet is Calgary, do you think maybe that's why Calgary is #1 in the west?

Last season there was 5 points seperating 1st place (21pts Riders) and Last place (16pts Lions) in the West Division. In the East Division there was 24 Pts seperating 1st place (30pts Als) and Last place (6pts Argos)... But this season the Lions and Eskies are tanking their season this is how the playoffs will play out in my mind

East Division
1.Montreal 14-4
2.Toronto 10-8
3.Hamilton 8-10
4.Winnipeg 8-10 (Hamilton wins season series)

West Division
1.Calgary 13-5
2.Saskatchewan 12-6
3.Edmonton 7-11
4.B.C. 6-12

East Semi Final- Hamilton Tiger-Cats @ Toronto Argonauts
West Semi Final- Winnipeg Bluebombers @ Saskatchewan Roughriders
East Final- Toronto Argonauts @ Montreal Aloutettes
West Final- Saskatchewan Roughriders @ Calgary Stampeders

Grey Cup- Montreal vs Saskatchewan/Calgary

edmonton comes back down to earth when it plays any team cheif :lol: :lol: :roll:

I don't know if you can say we came down to Earth. We just suck. :lol: