Is Eakin one of the slackers?

I believe Eakin should be gone.
For the laqst to games lets give Williams a
chance to see what he can do.

Interesting how Eakin’s name was never even mentioned in yesterday’s article on Maas; future as a starter.
From a guy who was supposedly the 1a QB at the beginning of the year the omission was conspicuous.

Jason Maas looked like he was blindfolded
and playing "pin the tail on the donkey"
while practicing some new dance step
at the same time.

Kevin Eakin will be lucky to get a chance to start a CFL game again. What NFL team would give him a chance to hold a clipboard Think of all the other QB's out there that can't make it in the NFL. If Casey Printers can barely crack an NFL squad, what makes you think Kevin Eakin would?

I think Ron should be gone because you will never see an other QB as long as Maas can walk on the feild. How many games have we sat through and watched Ron go with the same QB game after game no matter how bad they played and we have seen some bad games over and over again. :x

Good point andkon.....and for disagreeing with some people around here you'll branded a trouble maker or gang member.


he was rusty, i didnt expecrt him to come in firing at all cylinders. hes been holding a clipboard all season, if he was starting from the begining to now, we'd have a differnt team for sure.

Im sure you’re right… i mean Buck Pierce has looked rusty. lol

Its the backup QB’s job to be prepared and go in and get the job done.

Kevin had a full week of practice and was flat out awful, then he came in again and looked just as awful. The guy has 7 INTS in 50 ATTEMPTS!

Eakin was awesome when he first joined the Ticats. It didn't take long, however, for the organization to crush his dream to be the team's No. 1 QB.
If he had been named this year's starter, Hamilton would definitely be playoff bound.
This kid needs some serious playing time to get back his timing, etc.
I certainly hope it'll happen in the last two games. I really don't want to see Maas play anymore this year, just like Danny Mac in his last couple of games.

No I'm not kidding...He had ONE BAD GAME! (And he had help).

He has better legs than Maas, better arm than Maas, and is younger and hasn't had any serious injuries. He lit it up in NFL Europe and only came to Canada to play because he didn't want to hold a clipboard in the NFL. The Ticats didn't give him a "Real Chance" because they had all this "Big Money" tied up in "Maas"!

Just my opinion, but I think Williams and Eakin should be playing in our last 2 games.

One other thing...why is "Eakin" and "Slacker" even mentioned in the same thread??? I mean really, the guy holds for one start...and is eager to help the team.

Better use another QB's name along side "slacker" who is getting over $350,000.00 per year and doesn't produce!

We will see who Desjardins thinks the slackers were when players aren't signed!

So which ONE game was it?

The game he started when he threw 4 INTS?

The game against Sask when he threw 2 more for TD's?

The game against Toronto when he threw a pic and sat there with Ivory laughing about it because its all a big joke?

Im curious to know which one of those was his ONE bad game... then please justify how his other appearances were deemed good.

Start vs. Winnipeg - 12/30 96yrds 3 INTS
@ Sask - 2/8 29 yrds 1 INT (Retd for TD)
Home to Sask - 6/14 70yds 2 INT (1 Retd for TD)
Home to Tor - 1/3 15 yds 1 INT
Home to BC - 1/1 4 yrds 0 INT

Just thought id add this in so when you respond with him having only ONE bad game... we can reference this...

I've liked what I saw in Kevin Eakin since he was first signed. Any coach worth his salt can see that he has all the natural born tools (both technical and leadership) to be a hugely successful QB in the CFL.

Properly developed over the off-season and in training camp,and with an offense designed to his tendancies, there's no stopping how far he can go.

Tossing him into a bad offensive scheme, an offense which is tired and whipped at the end of a slaughter or with receivers who are at the end of their ropes is not conducive to proper QB development in my opinion.

I have total confidence in Eakin's ability and I know he will do awesome things for us if we play it smart or, sadly, for another team who would welcome him with open arms and prosper .

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

mike 8)

Thats a different argument, one I actually agree with... but I could say the same thing about Jason Maas.

Poor coaching, poor scheme, poor receivers, poor effort around him, poor offensive line... so perhaps both of our QB's should be let off the hook.

Yes, that's a fair statement Crash. I started a thread at the beginning of the season saying that Jason may not be ready to be the "starter" we think he is at this time and also may be hurt.....(and about 12 pages later of people telling me I'm insane basically, I gave that's the only thing I've said about him basically as I know he has the tools just like Eakin has them. The fans behind the bench hurling really low insults at Jason while he was trying to turn it around didn't help nor did the fact the whole team was in disarray. He's a scrapper without a doubt and yes he has a temper.....but so do I so who am I to complain....hahaha

....this has just been a terrible year for everyone (team and fans included) and it all started with the tragic death of Travis Claridge.

I know we'll get better but compared to what happened to the Claridge Family, we have lots to be thankful for this Thankgiving...

Go Cats Go!......things will work out! 8)

Real nice :roll: good way to build dialogue and promote conversation on the forum! :thdn:

Yes...The start!( And by the that point in time we hadn't made the changes to the "OC" and the line yet! Let's call a spade a spade here!)

The rest of those games when he came in we were Banged Up and out of it!

Not a good example. I, ( and others) would have prefered he be developed and given a REAL OPPORTUNITY!

Let's not let Williams and Eakin waste their time here (just like Beutjer). It may be too late for them and we will never know what could have been because we traded D'Mac away and he is doing out west what he could have done RIGHT HERE!

That is my point!

As an aside...I found it interesting that Danny came in and did pretty well with some great passes and moving the ball. Sure he was allowed those passes...right up to the point where he might score...What Happened? Yup...the "D" said No More...interception!

Let's be fair order for us to access a player and give them a chance...we have to give them a chance! Eakin showed real promise last year...then we turn around and make that "Big Trade" for a starter that is really better coming in off the bench! :roll:

That "Good Ole Boy's Club" trade with Edmonton sure came back and bit both clubs on the butt.

I guess the "Football God's" were not happy with that! :stuck_out_tongue: Some might call Edmonton's and Hamilton's fortunes this year..."Poetic Justice"!

Oh well...there is always Next Year! :wink:



On what do you base this on other than the fact you just like him, "Freakin Eakin", etc.etc.

Woody, How is Rob Katz part of the "good ol boys club" ?he was only at it for a couple years before he quit as GM.

I wouldn't say he's a slacker, nor is Maas.

The problems BOTH QBs have faced this year did have a lot to do with a playbook written on toilet paper, but the fact of the matter is neither has taken advantage of their chances. This is true for Maas, aside from a small handful of games, and certainly true for Eakin.

Still, we may as well play all three quarterbacks in the remaining 2 games. There's nothing to gain except pride now anyway.



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