Is Eakin one of the slackers?

After reading the article re: the slackers with the big contracts everyone is no doubt wondering who some of these players are. I mentioned Eakin because he has played very inconsistant when he's got the chance. During a game when he was playing he was seen coming of the field with a big grin after some poor play. If this is so, it's certainly a real letdown.....a lot of people felt that he would be a Cat for a long time.

I don't think he's slacking. I just don't think he's very good.

no, i see him on the sidleines and hes right into it with his headset!, also when hes played hes a little rusty, last time he played pro ball to start or even at all was last year so when he got his shot this year he was a little off, hes solid and id like to see him around for awhile.

That's the only thing about Marcel's comment that is unfortunate. People will now speculate on who is a bumb and they will all be tainted and since they have two games to fix things no one may ever know who he was hinting at.

[quote="HfxTC"]That's the only thing about Marcel's comment that is unfortunate. People will now speculate on who is a bumb and they will all be tainted and since they have two games to fix things no one may ever know who he was hinting at./quote]

And it will also cause finger pointing within the locker room.

I know who isn’t a slacker…Mike Morreale and Rob Hitchcock! reason because these guys are TRUE TIGER-CATS! I hope desjardins can root out these “slackers” and get rid of them cause it cannot be tolerated! And I hope that if its proven that they were trying to throw games that they never get to play another down of football in this league again! thats absolutely disgraceful for themselves, their families, the tiger-cat organization, and the CFL!

Listen to what Desjardin said. He's talking about a lack of leadership on the Cats this season from the dressing room, to practices to the games. Where's the leadership that vets like Morreale and Hitch are supposed to provide? For sure, they heven't been the only problems on the team but they haven't been part of the solution either.

An Argo fan

Any second string QB with no track record that plays poorly on purpose the few opportunities he gets to prove himself should be chased from the organization because, trying or not, he'd have proven himself to less intelligent than a piece of driftwood. :wink:

Finger pointing??? Now??? LMAO

You think the players haven't known the whole season who's been slacking?

It does make it interesting, to see where the axe will fall.

We all have our "suspects" of who isn't leading or producing, but finally we have a guy in the organization who is unafraid to chop out the cancers...and that is a very good thing...

You cannot blame Hitch or Morreale. as if you are not being played, its incredibly difficult to "lead", and the two were plugged in as the leadership issues came out as the year went on. One may wonder about who they replaced!

There has, in fact, been some bad bloody luck that Desjardins declines to acknowledge in that a team with such an uncoordinated and "new" OLine is going to be terribly vulnerable, and we took so many injuries there.

Equally "unlucky" with Jason Goss, and him having to leave the team so suddenly, though you can sympathise with his dilemna...and hopefully welcome him back at some point. Few among us would abandon our wife or parents to illness for a temporal career at CFL rates of pay.

You have to be kind of pumped over where Desjardins seems to be taking us for 2007...

Maybe his laughing and hugging the opposition after the turnover stuck in Desjardins' mind. I dont think its unreasonable to think Eakin's attitude was an example of what Desjardins was driving at yesterday.

Yea Im sure that's what he was thinking all along Zontar. Whats your problem.. still depressed over how your man Maas has played?

Not Eakin’s actions alone just one example of many.
Still depressed?, more like dissapointed, I should think all real fans of the team feel the same way.

Ive said it over and over and over, this disaster of a season was not because of the quarterbacks, yea there were times that they missed open receivers, made bad reads.. but this was a coaching (or lack there of) fiasco. No leadership from the top and bush league coordinators. So I can't in anyway fault the qbs on this team or any other players, defense or offense. Get a qualified coach and assistants and these same players make the playoffs next year.


Gotta disagree with you re: the QB's weren't the problem. This league is a QB driven league and we most certainly had the worst quarterbacking in the league, hands down. We could have won many a game with a decent performance from the QB position.
When the QB isn't getting the job done, you can see the rest of the team begin to get frustrated.

I think it is a little unfair to single out Eakin for one bad game...(and it was real bad)After came at a time when the team was in the most turmoil and he didn't get much help!

Hopefully he will get a chance to redeem himself or I'm afraid it will be back to the NFL (even if he has to hold a clipboard).

Or worse...he goes to another CFL team and comes back to shut up his detractors!

one bad game?

You ARE kidding right?

Boy I bet both our QBS are licking thier chops wishing we had the recieving core that BC and Calgary have . Makes ours look like college players . What a disgrace we have with our group !!!!

Geroy is the best BAR NONE !!!

On this side we have DJ and ON THIS SIDE WE HAVE GEROY !!!!!