Is Durant now "Elite"?

I saw this post in the Roughrider forum so I thought I'd bring it to the mainstream. Durant at 31 years old and in his 4th year as a full time starter (08' and most of 09' competed in rotation) won his first Grey Cup and he did it in style. 32 Total TD's (31 passing, 1 Rushing) a league low 12 INT (you can make an argument for others but I'm talking full time starters) And when it counted got hot just in time for the playoffs not throwing a pick in the 3 games he started. So now begs the question is Durant elite ? I pulled some stats from a poster in the Rider section ...

"He was before this game, but now he has the monkey off his back completely. He first became a starter in 2009, and led the team to 2 Grey Cups in his first 2 seasons.

5-1 in the Semi Finals and Finals
1-2 in Grey Cup games
3-0 in West Final games"

Is that enough for you guys? Looking back now I always considered Ray, Burris and Calvillo to be the Holy Trinity of the CFL all have rings, wins and the stats to back it up, but with Burris not getting any younger and Calvillo often injured and most likely heading for retirement I feel as an argument could be made that the new set could be Ray, Durant, Lulay (Lulay is up in the air for me, that's another discussion for another day.

I'll admit I've given Durant his share of ribbings since 08' I haven't always stood by his side through thick and thin, I regret this now knowing how much he went through and what he did not just this season but in his career to win us this Grey Cup, I am a believer and I will say he is an elite QB.

What are your thoughts and criteria to be an elite QB? Does Durant cut it? Who are the elite QB's in the CFL now?

Career Stats: 125 Touchdowns, 87 Interceptions, 61.4 Completion %, 22 711 yards, 88.5 QB rating, 2435 Rushing yards 15 Rushing Touchdowns.

nope... never... he is just a game manager. if the team is is he. he can not change the game

See I thought the same thing, when we were hot, at 5-0, okay well look at what he has to work with, Taman gave him an abundance of weapons and a O-Line deep with depth, and then when we slid and went 3-6 down the stretch I figured well he just rolls with the team, kind of like a Kevin Glenn he's a game manager but then came the playoffs and when we were down to BC in the West Semi the way he put the team on his back in the second half really altered my perception and of course we know how the rest of the playoffs went. I feel he proved him self with the BC game that he's more than a game manager.

He was probably on the bubble before this season, but I would say he is "elite" now. Arguably the 2nd best QB in the league behind Ray right now. Even in 2011 on a terrible team playing with a broken foot he had respectable numbers. Every QB will struggle on bad teams, I don't think that's a fair argument.

I'm not sure why nobody seems to compile playoff statistics, so I compiled them myself. When you look at the most important games (the playoffs) he elevates his game to what I would consider to be elite status:

180/278 (64.75% completion) for 2402 yards, 22 TDs, 6 Ints. 39 carries for 325 yards and a rushing Touchdown. Playoff record is 6-3.

That works out to a QB rating of 109.

Looks elite to me.

what is elite?

with Ray and Calvillo having 3 rings each, they are 'elite'.
Lulay, Durant and Burris are a step below, IMO, until one wins another ring.
heck, Marcus Crandell won a ring. i wouldn't consider him 'elite'.

i would consider Lulay, Durant and Burris to be proven winners, though.

I would have to believe that Durant has crossed the line into elite territory now.

3 Grey Cup appearances in the past 5 seasons is nothing to sneeze at, and we all know that the colossal 2010 blunder cost him a second ring.

The fact that he is only 31 years of age at the moment bodes well for a likely HOF career.

One of the current buzzwords to further separate members of a group, trigger debate, and that will inevitably become watered down over time as it gets applied to guys like Durant.

In the NFL, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are not just great, they're "elite". Then if you shoehorn enough guys like Joe Flacco or Eli Manning in that category, or force young players like Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson in there prematurely, someone will come up with another term that excludes them to describe "real" super greatness. Until THAT terms gets watered down, and so on and so forth.

Kind of like being a fan meant you were more attached to a team than the casual observer. But then people who barely kept up with the team labelled themselves as "fans". Then someone came up with "Nation" to separate themselves as true fanatics of the club. Now everyone has applied it to their team to the point that any member of a so-called Nation is basically just

In order to talk about elite quarterbacks you have to detach them from number of championship rings or playoff success, because championships are won by teams, not just by quarterbacks. Brady has more rings, but Manning, to me, is absolutely the better quarterback. He can flat-out do things at the line through audibles that no QB in the game can do.

Dan Marino is an elite QB who never won a Super Bowl. Milt Stegall is an elite receiver who never won a Grey Cup. Doesn't take anything away from their legacies.

Durant is a great QB, and he played at an elite level this year.

I don't consider Durant to be an "elite" QB...he is very good in the playoffs when it counted... but he still makes too many mistakes to be put into that category.

Ultimately, if you're a fan of a team, who cares whether your QB is elite, as long as you win championships?

Although I am not a big fan, I definitely think that Durant is "elite". I have criticized him in the past for a lack of heart and being a coach killer if he didn't like the coach. In my mind he shed that this year, played with heart and put this team on his shoulders when needed. I thought his semi-final game was his best game and he led with his heart and his legs. He simply was not going to allow the Riders to lose that game and in that game he took the big step up to elite.

Anyway, the word "elite" is just a rhetorical move we use in hindsight to construct a narrative out of a person or team's success, to create a story that makes sense to us.

Contrary to what apologists for Dan Marino and Ringless Milt Stegal will try to argue, championships are the only thing that matters. If a player couldn't get the job done when it counted, they'll never be elite.

The first question to always ask when determining an elite player is "Did they win a ring?" If the answer's no, the conversation stops right there.

He got the Monkey off his back and has won a Grey Cup. Remember he has been to two others in which he lost as starting QB when he was younger. The one thing that he does that often is the measure, or at least part of it, is that he comes to play come playoff time.
Durant is great in Playoff games win or lose. Loses in playoffs can rarely be blamed on him having a bad game. This upcoming season will persuade those who are on the cusp. A great season will put him in that category win or lose of the Grey Cup.

Travis Lulay Grey Cup winning QB in 2011, Great 2012 season and elite QB with an elite salary came with it.

Having the same OC and HC will help as well. We know that the same HC will be in place and the Riders should do whatever they can to keep Cortez in the Riders OC spot. Cortez will and already has been considered for a HC job but at his age a similar salary to a HC and job security and a hands off, to a point, from the HC.

Perhaps Rider supporter Hall Embassy suites could throw a suite for he and his wife for the season like they did with Simon if he should stay on as a rider for life. :wink:

So after watching a ton of CFL football each year since ESPN3/Watch ESPN has aired almost all CFL games live, My official vote is not on the choices but I think he will be now

Even Ray had dismal years under Macocia. Durant pulled a couple of games out of the fire. The Montreal game where he delivered a strike to Taj Smith for the win and the BC game to name a few. There have been several games throughout his career where he made the play to win.

I've thought very highly of Durant starting with the two games he played against the Alouettes in the Als fairly recent Grey Cup runs. Having been witnessed Durant's play this year and, the playoffs and, especially the Grey Cup. I would consider him of elite status. What impresses me most, is his ability and strength in situations against the defensive rush of his opponents. He has great scrambling ability and, I've seen him somehow use his strength to break away from situations where defenders appeared to have him in their hold and, he still struggles effectively to break free and, move to a situation where he runs/passes to make a solid gain. He was so successful against the TiCats in this year's Grey Cup win. Elite? Certainly!

That's silly. A player can only do his own job. He can't be held responsible if the other phases of the game, or even the other players on his side of the ball, fail him.

You know whre the conversation ends? If the question has to be asked, the player isn't "elite". There should be no question about your ability for the "elite" label to apply. No one would question whether Flutie was elite in the CFL. That's being elite.

Just about every team in the league would like him as their starter so that in itself makes him elite I would think. He's not as good as Flutie was but then few ever have been.

Nothing's more important than championships. Everything starts and ends with the ring.

A good player will "do his own job". An elite player will make everyone around him better. You win championships when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Did Flutie win a ring? Yes. Did Flutie make everyone around him better? Yes. Did Flutie put up great numbers? Yes. Therefore, Flutie is an elite QB. Pretty simple exercise to reach that conclusion.