is Durant getting Complacent?

we all know last season, Durant had a pretty good year!

but look who he had as his back up, Steven Jyles who could easily have played a full game last year if Durant had gotten hurt or sucked.

Now we come to 2010 and there's no more Jyles.

We have no 2nd stringer that can make a difference if we took out Durant.

I think Durant has gotten to complacent and is no longer nervous about his role. he's got this attitude of "I've got this wrapped up, there's nobody who can challenge me!"

I think Durant needs to have the feeling that his Job is on the line in order to have any hope.

starting about 5 games back folks starting asking ( here atleast ) that DD looked off - asking if he was hurt? Going into the bye week folks began talking about it maybe being due to the touch of flue or food poisoning he had. Clearly none of those where correct, something is effecting his play. I can't put my finger on it, is it lack of faith in a coach? Is it lack on field leadership? It can't be lack of trust in receivers as we arguably have the best team set of receivers.

It's far from panic stage but it should be obvious to everyone that the Riders need to shake it up a bit and re focus before we find ourselves having to fight to even finish second.

is it possibly lack of confidence in his O-line as there is virtualy no time to let the play develope before he has to get rid of the ball as DD was sacked 3 times, and with Cates rushing for 18 yards on 8 carries is it that the problem starts with the O-line???? that is the 1st place that I would be looking at !

( protect your QB at all costs and put the fear of god in theirs ) and this is what we are NOT doing

I believe that it's a problem with our play calling. Our plays aren't getting our receivers open.

We can have the best QB in the world, but if our receivers aren't open, then we won't complete many passes.

This is not some psychological issue that requires analyzing brains and emotions. Our plays aren't getting our receivers open.

[b]Bad play calling means:
Our o-line ends up breaking because they can't hold the D long enough for a completed pass (becuz our receivers aren't open).

Durant ends up throwing into traffic or out of bounds or he gets sacked (becuz our receivers aren't open), resulting in INTs.

Fantuz gets few catches, Dressler gets few catches, Getzlaf gets no catches.

Rodriguez, a receiver designed for the long ball, is getting short 4 yard hook plays.

Wes Cates gets no blockers and rushing into a sea of opposing jerseys. [/b]

As for the defence, I don't even want to touch that one today.

I think you hit the nail on the head! He's absolutely complacent! The problem here as well is they have no game plan to turn this around. Imo, last weeks win was ugly and they will not beat any of the better teams. Then i stand corrected as they get their butts kicked by even the worst teams in the league.

Did you catch how he almost threw Doug Berry under the bus during the TSN interview? It was when he talked about the offense being a work in progress, and how Coach Berry was still trying to learn how to utilize these receivers and the rest of the offense. I thought that was very interesting...

And there is another of the problems. We brought Berry in and told him this is the offense you must use, instead of letting Berry say which offense he wants to play. The OC must have ownership of the playbook in order to get the most out of the team. That is not happening, and I am not sure when it will. Losing Lapo and Beresi is hurting us right now.