is Durant a worthy MOP candidate?

Should Durant be the Teams Nominee for MOP?

I think so.. although I think he's a solid season away from being the Wests Rep..

that goes to Copeland imo..

I think there is a case to be made for Durant as the Riders MOP. I don't think this team would be in a position to win the West without him. I wouldn't argue if Baggs or Chick were selected either.
I would take Joffrey Reynolds as West MOP.

Yes I do, is this not only his second full season? and he is doing WELL!

As a huge Rider fan I have to say NO. There is no question that he will have the ability down the road and he has the smarts, but I think the Recieving Core makes him look better than he actually is. Too many times his balls are over thrown (see Dressler and I blame DD for Dresslers injury) and the Great receivers that the Riders have make spectacular catches. I also see him skipping too many balls on simple throws. He has learned to throw the ball away and not make poor decisions which is AWESOME (better to fight on the next play than give the ball up).

Please don't get me wrong I think he is a Top 3-4 QB in the league, but not the MOP.

Right now there is no clear MOP
I would have voted for Dressler but with him hurt now who knows.
If Durant leads us to 2 strong wins in remaining season maybe.
Has he improved yes
Would I like to have him as quarterback with 3 mins left yes
Is he MOP calibre not yet

The reasons are his inconsistances (sp ?)
The whole 3rd quarters are brutual but maybe its not his fault
only the team knows

I think he is a worthy candidate. Who else on the team could one pick out above all others? I would say Durant's leadership is what sets him apart - the way he has everyone believing that no matter what the circumstance they have the ability to come back and win.

Currently, my vote would go to Joffrey Reynolds. And I suspect he will get the nod.
But if DD has two great games and the Riders finish first? All bets are off.
As for our receiving corps (spell it right, please) they are a solid group but not that great. With Dressler they are middle of the pack---maybe arguably as high as 3rd best. Without him....
Blaming DD for Dressler's injury is silly.
In the West, it is between DD and JR.

If he plays lights out the final 2 games then he'll likely be the Riders nominee, I don't think he has the numbers to get the nod in the West though, too many interceptions. He's miles ahead of where he was at the start of the season, but you can't discount all his interceptions from early in the year. I think Joffrey Reynolds or Copeland will take it.

O.K. Arius. I have been reading this forum for years with the odd response. Your post are always welcomed, insightfull and worth the read. I think you have missed the boat on this one however. Of all the positions, the receivers have been the highlite of this team, and league, for the last couple of years, IMO. When is the last drop you have seen from any of them? Plus most of them have only been activated for a few weeks at a time when they break out and have highlite reel types of games. Granted they don't do the dances as good as some of the so called best, but who would you rather have going to battle for you on Nov. 29 than this group? You can have your Copelands, Bruce's and whatever, but I guarantee you they will drop the "key one" way before any of the Rider group will. Plus most are CANADIAN, an added bonus.

Rougiefan, blamming Durant for Dresslers injury is nonsense. In my opinion that was a good throw because he had to put it over the linebacker. It was a routine play that just so happened to end in an injury.

I am not here to make enemies, but the next time your watching DD and his passes check out how many times in either A) skips the pass or B) puts his receiver is a vulnerable position compared to other QBs. I am shocked that sometimes our receivers get up after a high throw by DD then getting licked by a LB. Just watch for it you will see what I mean.
Do I think DD will be a great QB in the future? Absolutely! However I think our RECEIVING CORP (sorry to insult the english teacher) makes DD look better than he really is.

If there was a category for most improved player throughout the year, DD would win hands down. Based on his performance from labour day on... MOP candidate for sure. Based on the first half of the year...not so much.

And I also disagree that he caused Dressler's injury. Weston was charging back to help out DD, and that makes it very difficult to judge (in a split second) where exactly to put the ball so he doesn't have to jump. Also, how many receivers this year - of all teams - have never had to jump for balls thrown too high. NONE.

Are you related to the terminator? lol :lol:

It's corps, not corp, so your teacher is still insulted.

High throws can be caused by a lot of things. Poor mechanics is one, although I don't think DD's problem is that. Often if a QB is under pressure and can't step into a throw it is released high - that can be one possibility. Others are that he throws high in purpose, because he's throwing over a d-lineman's outstretched hand (meaning the line did not create a great throwing lane) or he's throwing it over a shallow defender (ie: a lb dropped into a shallow zone) to the receiver.

Unless you look at the circumstances play by play, I don't think any generalizations are fair.

Wow, anyone who goes against the grain on here is bashed quickly on these forums. I am only giving reasons why I don't think DD is MOP. The receivers on this team make DD look spectacular. All I am saying is open your minds and watch how many times the Receivers ( I can't get that word Corps thats for you Artie :smiley: ) bail DD out over the next couple of games. I also think DD needs to use his legs more to get to that next level in the CFL.

I have seen many other recievers have to jump for balls, I don't think you watch football to often, even in the all mighty NFL :roll: the recievers will have to jump for balls, I think its good that they are willing to go up and put themselves in bad positions to help the team, if Weston hadn't jumped to catch that ball, we probably lose.

Re-read my post. It's a double negative...


The fact we have the best group of NI receivers is wonderful. But if we put their nationality and education aside and just compare apples to apples, our receivers are not the best in the league.
That title belongs to the Als. Then, love or hate em--- okay just hate 'em-- the Stamp receiving corps is also better than the Rider corps. Then if you want to make a case that we are as good as BC, I'll bite. Even though statistically, BC is better. The Smoes also have a solid group, but they have not played well of late, so I'll give you them. The Ticats are much improved with Bruce in there, but without Preshae most of the year not as solid as the Riders. Winnipeg's group are up and coming, but not there just yet. And while I like some of the potential in TO now, most of the year they have been woeful. So I'd rank the Rider group either 3rd or 4th.
I am sorry, but it is tough to rank a group that has, collectively, one guy in his career with over a thousand yards ahead of teams who have two or even three players in the process of having 1000 yard seasons and have done so for 5, 6, 7 years....
I agree our guys all have sticky hands and are young and getting better. But the best? Nope.

The way Johnny Quinn had been playing the last couple of games my evaluation of the Rider's receiving corpS has definitely climbed a notch. If Quinn continues to develope and Dressler is healthy then as a group these guys are going to have to be considered among the leagues best. I have to pass on DD for MOP because of the number of times he throws the ball away when he has a receiver wide open. It's also true that you just can't ignore the number of interceptions he has thrown this year. I certainlly will not be surprised if DD is named MOP next year. I'm going with Reynolds.