Is Dunigan Part of the Problem?

Getting alot of double talk from this guy. He breaks down crying about the effects from concussions, but then during a broadcast will state that a head shot is a ,"football play"
Then there is this!! I must say, Im in shock!! His kid cant be hit by Jr. High kids, but can play in the NCAA? Gawd thank his kid was never good enough to see any regular game action.
Read that.. Then read this!!

What exactly is "the Problem"?

No. Dunnigan is not part of the problem.

No. Dunigan is not part of the problem. He is an asset unlike the other 2 newer cfl players who can only shout.

Did you not read the articles? Basicly his son had to quit football at 14 because he is dumb like his dad and sustains concussions for a couple of extra YAC yards. After not playing football for 7 years, suddenly he is playing at the highest amature level possible. Dad is praising him for hitting people and getting every last yard. The same reason dad yanked him out of football in the 9th grade ,will now be a benifit in a much faster physical world.

He was a father worried about the long term health of his child. Now that Dolan Dunigan is of age, perhaps he decided independently he's willing to take that risk. I don't presume to know the internal dynamics of the Dunigan family.

I think you are right on as far as his son not playing and now playing. As far as Dunigan appearing to contradict himself, one should be mature enough and understanding enough to realize that having suffered career ending string of concussion would result in him contradicting himself occasionally, specially over long periods of time.

Foranyone to diss and judge MD harshly because of this, is out of line

I think a free education could have alot to do with it. Dunnigan probably only has a net worth of 5 million or so and just one year at that school is like 80k.

I don't think Matt Dunigan is part of any problem involving the league......

I also don't think it's very smart to call guys dumb cuz they do what comes natural and have a strong work ethic and internal drive to succeed......

And you would know his net worth how exactly....................?

Braleyneedstogo is a little off in his guesstimate on Dunnigan's net worth. According to the following link the guy's net worth is about $3 million.


You stole my thunder.

I was going to post the exact same thing.

Not sure why anyone would consider Matt as any problem.

He is certainly not dumb.

Different players have a different style.

Matt played with full throttle. He ended up with head injuries.

That does not make him dumb because of his style of play.

A risk taker yes.

Dunigan is one of the GREAT things about the CFL.

The guy had a dozen documented concussions. Was told by his coaches repeatly to slide or go out of bounds. He was only 5'11 and weighed 180, yet would put his head down into guys who outweighed him by 70 pounds. Im sorry if I think that is dumb, but it is.

I guess that’s why he’s a retired pro athlete with a great career and is popular on sports and lifestyle TV - and we’re not.

If you've ever played contact sports you would know that it is when players hold up or hold back that injuries occur. He made the conscious decision to play like he played and you think it's dumb. More of us think it's dumb to not play that way..........

football or ballet