Is Drew Tate the new Buck Pierce?

After watching Tate pop his shoulder out without any major contact, one has to wonder if Drew Tate is the next quarterback made of glass. Is he taking over Buck Pierce's role of being the most injury proned quarterback in the CFL?


Under predictions, I did call this smug of you to remind us all, congrats, go collect your prize

Which would you rather have on your team, a QB with weak shoulders or a QB who prances around in women's lingerie .

Yeah, cause that's relevent to how good of a player you are. :roll:

I like Tate a lot, but he's starting to approach Lumsden-Pierce territory. Two shoulder injuries in as many years? That's not good. Good thing the Stamps got Glenn in that trade for Burris; he'll be able to keep them stable for as long as Tate is out. I really hope this is just a bump in the road because I think Tate has all the tools to be a star in the CFL. But everything I'm saying about Tate now is what I said about Pierce a few years ago.

I'll take the lingerie wearing QB that's won a grey cup, won an MVP, has the strongest arm in the league and isn't outta the game every 5 minutes.

Apparantly Tate has dislocated the shoulder before and may require surgery.

Buck maybe made of glass, but he is a tough competitor. Tate may be cut from the same cloth…

in his defense, I thought the redhead in the picture with him was kinda nice looking. :lol:

That depends. Do you want your team to win football games, or are you more concerned with the perception of what a guy does at a private party?

Personally, I think winning football games matters.

Stampeders throw Brad Sinopoli a lifeline

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have not heard an update on Tate yet, though Huff said he expects him out indefinitely:

"Stampeders head coach John Hufnagel told TSN's Katherine Dolan yesterday he expects Tate to be out indefinitely. The coach believed the injury to be either a separation or dislocation."

What is the average timeline for a shoulder Seperation or dislocation? I'm thinking 6 - 8 weeks or so. Would that be close?

I'm pretty sure Tate hurt the same shoulder last season and missed six weeks. But the timeline for recovery changes depending on the severity of the injury. But if it is similar to last season, then six-to-eight weeks is probably pretty close.

Around that amount for recovery; however it may depend on the ball joint/ligament damage as well and thus if surgery is needed it could be 12 weeks or more?

TSN is reporting that AC injured his shoulder against Winnipeg and may also miss the game in week 3 against the stamps. Could be Glenn vs McPherson.

Tate is going to need surgery on that shoulder being its the 2nd time out, and on such a harmless looking play. No use wasting 8 weeks only to yank it out again. Bye Drew cya next year :frowning:

As a quarterback, he should have been smarter than to put his arm out to break his fall... He was wearing padding for a reason.

Or am I being ridiculous?

...^^ in a rare occurance, yes, you are being crazy....Tate's reaction was just that, athletic reaction, there is no chance you are going to reason that event through, why would you, I bet he is the most surprized person of anyone that his shoulder gave out...

...AC out potentially too?! the stamps chances just got a little better, tough to see good QBs going out so early

The only reason I felt that way is like because of my grandma. When I was 3 she had a terrible seizure that literally shattered her shoulder into pieces. So they put a prosthetic shoulder in right. So if she ever fell, which did happen a few times when she got older she would always want to protect her arm...

So as a quarterback who already hurt his shoulder that is why I was thinking that.

Also good to know you do not think Im usually crazy :thup: