Is Dorsey bad??

I know alot of people have been complaining about Dorsey, including myself, but as of right now, he is 3rd over all in combined yards. I didn't know that, so givin that, I wonder if he isn't worth keeping around, if for nothing else, future development.

He doesn't seem to produce when in the backfield. . . I don't think he should be #2, Bracey has proved to be that guy.
He's still a capable returner though, and should be kept, for a while at least.

Have you noticed as of late tho that he seems to like watching the ball bounce around his feet instead of trying to get it right off the bat? And what about his lil' mistake on the kickoff last weekend?

He used to be great because he caught the ball and ran straight ahead.... now it seems as if he's gone away from that.

ya i noticed 2 :roll: and i dont like it :expressionless: he should at least catch it and run with it instead on lookin confused :?

lets face it, anyone who can return kicks and punts, dorcey sucks

Dorsey is not good :frowning: ...even if the stats put him 3rd...all I can say is no one else must be either but why do we get this one? :cry: He lets it bounce out instead of taking the 5 yards penalty...he stops and flounders about...'Hey Dorsey you are suppose to run with that ball get some descent field position!' (In case he didn't know!)Our punts give the other team such an advantage as it is...we don't need to start out with the terrible position Dorkey puts us in...and Thomas can you go one game without a stupid penalty? Geesh Barrett try some of the others sitting there actually performing will ya?


Bracey is a lot better imo. More relaxed, follows play instructions, stays focused. Dorsey - not so much. And if we get Holmes back the roster would be just too full in the backfield.

Dorsey would have to be cut it would be pointless to have 4 American running backs, and 2, 3(?)useless fullbacks lol get some receivers already x_x