Is dinwinnie for real???

pikk must be a bomber fan.

Tee Martin! :? :?

....have to agree with the stats. does look like Dinwiddie has a certain amount of composure...i'd like to see him get into a few more games....maybe this Sun. after we take a commanding lead...we could get to see more of him....( i thought i'd throw that commanding lead comment in there to see if there's actually any T.O fans on this site)lol... :lol:

Hey Papa, will Glenn be okay to start?

....looks that way sport....although i hear he's going to have to wear a brace...he already wears one on the other leg....does Forrest Gump running down the field sound familiar....sorry Kevin....goBigBlue

Ticats!!! And I am saying that with a bag over my head.

Where is ArgoDave when you need him ? Still licking his wounds over the BC blowout I suspect.

Dinwiddie hasn’t looked too bad in his limited action, but for a big man, I would have expected him to have more arm strength.