Is dinwinnie for real???

he came in right off the bench with no thought that glenn would get hurt! and he did pretty good for barely playing in any games this year!!

nahh, he is just a hologram of hollaway

what are you talking about?

you asked if he was for REAL

I said, no, he is a hologram.

a hologram of Holloway

Its pretty easy to be "For Real" when the opposition has given up on the game.

and when that opposition is Hamilton.

Sorry Ti-Cat fans.

He is what he appeared to be. Calm in the pocket, fairly tough, and somewhat green.
He also appears to be relatively smart, and the players have some confidence in his ability.

That was a great time for him to come in and get some game action. The game was already won. He could go in there and throw some passes and get used to playing with the full offence in a real game. If anything it'll give him some confidence and some practice so that if he has to come in when the game is on the line, he won't panic.

Hey, he hasn't thrown an INT yet, so he's already better than the clowns we've had as back up for the last few years!

I thought he played pretty good in relief of Glenn. he's had a full year in the system, and it is starting to show. I wouldn't mind seeing him start against Toronto to see what he can do in 60 minutes, and just to make sure Glenn will not be rushed back in.

One thing I didn't like about him last game though was that punk crap he pulled after running for the first down. It was pretty funny actually, and I guess it shows that he has some fire in him.

lol he was just showing everyone he got a first down, whats wrong with that? :stuck_out_tongue:

well dwight andreson has a pretty big mouth and i think he was just showing him what just happened :lol: :lol: :lol:

Believe it or not, but its easier to come right off the bench, then knowing a week in advance you're starting.

I'm not sure I believe that. I do however believe it is easier to come off the bench in a game where the outcome has already been decided than starting with a week's notice.

About his antics after the first down run, I think Dinwiddie was doing it in response to a few of the Ti-Cats' (Dwight Anderson) ridiculous celebrations.

depends on what you mean by "for real". if by that do u mean hes a darn good QB, then no he isnt

but if you mean he is capable to scrape out a win against some of the weaker teams in the league, then yes i believe he is.

ill list some reasons why. last year when hamilton injured Glenn, we got demolished, and banks looked like he hasnt played a down of football in his life. this year hamilton injures Glenn and dinnwiddie actually moves the ball.... by completeing passes and using his legs. take it for what you will... he may have a much stronger team then banks did last year, but at least he threw the ball at the reciever....

No time to get nervous when you are thrown in.

ro1313 wrote: Its pretty easy to be "For Real" when the opposition has given up on the game.
and when that opposition is Hamilton.

Sorry Ti-Cat fans.

No problem. It only hurts when I think about football.

Dinwiddie played one and a half quarters and put 3 points on the board against a bad Hamilton team. He displayed good ball control, didn't make any stupid decisions. He didn't do anything spectacular either.

From what I saw, he was running a very plain vanilla offence. 1st down hand off to Roberts. 2nd down try to get the other 9 yards. Hamilton knew this was happening which is why Roberts didn't gain much yardage after Dinwiddie went in (6 carries - 8 yards).

I just hope that we don't have to see if he is for real.

Kevin Glenn for MVP

Then, theres always Tee Martin!

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Which burger joint is he flipping patties at anyways?

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Sorry Red, I stole your line!

He is and he is going to be a great QB in this league.