Is Dickinson done in sask after this year?

A wet paper bag would be an improvement

OK I found it. The "Just IMO" Part above. Thanks for the clarity. Hopefully someone who will make the decision goes a little deeper than that. Just IMO.

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True. Probably why the O-Line didn't get attention. O'Day spent all the money on defensive free agents.

Well I'm sure missing 3 sometimes 4 starters at a time hasnt helped either

for me the overlying issue in all this that is paramount is the fact they are hosting the grey cup this year and expectations were to be there and no less.

also. the discipline issues that have dogged them cannot be ignored


he had horseshoes his whole career.

That is the main reason for their record, maybe more so than the O Line, but it's a close battle. For that reason, maybe he should be gone. I still think it would be a mistake to let him go before he has another year with a new O.C. and maybe a couple good American O Linemen. They can play Schaffer - Baker, Lenius and McInnis at receiver if they have to accomodate the 2 Americans on the line. I would take them over Williams and even Evans if that what it takes to make it work. Fjardo has to stay. He is currently 3rd in efficiency rating, 3rd in completion percentage and 4th in total yards. If we agree that an O Line would improve his game then that would take him to at least 2nd in efficency, second in percentage and 3rd in Total yards, if he only moves up one spot with the help that would generate. IMO O'Day is probably expendable also, but it would have to McMannis from the Peg. Not sure what else is out there that could take on that role with any quick recruiting success.


It's tough.. you got guys on the offensive line who are still young. Logan Bandy is 23 years old. He still has four or five years to fill out.. you don't really want to give up on these young guys because they could be solid in a couple of years. Same with Logan Ferland.. same with Richardson playing the RT.

The issue with the oline is they are young and undersized and technique. One they can learn in time. The other will take some good training staff and probably time.

What do you do in the here and now? I'm not sure.. we can release these guys but they'd end up allstars in a year or two most likely if they can put in the work

maybe they dump fajardo and make a stupid move and open the vault for BLM next year. who knows. but mediocre quarterbacking, and sh*t O-line, poor coaching decisions and discipline = wholesale changes somehow, esp management. O’Day should be Oh’GoAway…

so much falls on coaching and management.

also expectations were grossly exaggerated given their personnel.


From Jeff Hamilton:

Head coach Craig Dickenson put it succinctly post-game, when he said: “I’m just going to be honest: we’re not very good.” It was an honest assessment of the team, which also included blame towards he and his coaching staff. The comments appeared to have ruffled a few feathers in the locker room, with defensive back Nick Marshall taking exception to the comments on social media, where he claimed Dickenson was saying one thing in the locker room and another to the media.

I tweeted out last week that the main issue plaguing the Roughriders is the lack of a clear leadership group and that GM Jeremy O’Day was to blame for clearly not understanding culture, as much as talent, is vital to winning. It wasn’t long after that I received a private message from someone close to the organization saying I was bang-on in my assessment, before adding while O’Day is a nice guy, he has a difficult time building unity within the team ranks.

Take a deep breath and stay focused. Covid shutdown and low Canada $$ and low attendance has caused everyone problems. The world is under a recession / depression and a tough war, so everything will be worse before it gets better. Football is the least of the worries for majority of people. I do my part by cheering and support local teams. BC Lions are doing a great job so far.


"as a lions fan" (Quoting you from another topic)

GridironGirl, I had suspected that you were not a Riderfan. Does that not make your comments regarding Fajardo being mediocre somewhat biased? We are all entitled to our own opinions but it would be to the Lions benefit if the Riders were not going to stick with him. (Granted, I believe EVERY team would give up their present QB starter for a healthy Rourke). I do want to see another QB developed but still believe Fajardo is top quality starting QB in the CFL.

No more so than any comments from RR fans that feel Fajoardo has been great.

it actually doesn’t matter if you think i am biased, but i was being objective. just because i disagree with a riders fans assessment of a player, does not make me biased.

fajardo is mediocre. if you disagree, i don’t care and i certainly am not going to get into a long never ending argument with someone over it.

That's the talk I was hearing in the stands during O'Shea's third season with us. One year later we won the Cup.


Heard that one from Al Michaels last week.......if you do what the fans in the stands want you will soon be among them.....

,,,and yeah I remember the O'Shea thing because i was hoping if he left we would grab him....


I remember hearing that chatter in the stands as well. O’Shea didn’t distinguish himself with his on field decisions and it took a few years to fumigate the Joe Mack stench and become competitive. He became coach in 2014 so it actually took him 6 years to win the Cup. Patience by the brass that was well rewarded.

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Oh to be perfect right? Dickenson is a very good coach for the riders his oc is an idiot and oline coach should be fired and that oline is like traffic cones other than that Dickenson was right when he said they are not a good football team andt hen sport writers go after his throat for telling the truth. I can tell you right now Montreal will take him in a minute.

He would get a call for sure !

What is going on with The head coach is the same shit thdt went with the bomber head coach BEFORE Zach C arrived.... Fans think they know shit but they need to remind themselves they are not and never will be gainfully employed as coaches even at amateur levels ... Harsh I know but often as they say the truth hurts