Is Dickinson done in sask after this year?

Hard to get the ball off when the opposition D-Line is arriving in the back field at the same time the ball is. If Maas (who IMHO is an idiot) is frustrated, it should with the o-line and not Farjardo. Maas should not be anywhere near a football field in any capacity.

Well, you and I will just have to respectfully disagree on that point.

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i agree that fajardo would be better with a better o-line. that i will not argue with at all. but fajardo himself is most definitely not the elite quarterback that he was signed to be. he is mediocre at best imo.


But back to topic, I think there will be sweeping changes to the coaching staff and most likely even the GM after this season.

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Dickenson’s in game decision making has been suspect all year. also, the discipline issues were all on him.

I don't know about MOP, but he would certainly be better.

I thought Maas was a bad hire from minute one and he's done nothing but prove me right.

The O Line is a joke and I hold ODay responsible for that.


I would be very interested to see if Dolegala can develop. He has good height (towers over the O & D Lines), can runs fast and throws darts and a very nice deep ball. I hope they do not lose him over the off-season.

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yes. i hope they keep and develop him the right way

if riders get eliminated from playoffs before end of season they should start him

not sure about Fine

I thought Dolegala looked better than Fine in preseason. I'd like to see him get a legit shot at playing

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me too

Unless he leaves on his own i highly doubt he goes anywhere. Still has a very good overall record and still under contract for next season..

IMO it would be a big mistake to let him go. Maybe find a new oline coach and some tweaks here or there.

Look at Winnipeg.. they wanted to turf O'Shea after the first few seasons too


i’m in the camp that if they miss the playoffs, and with all the shit that’s happened this year, there will be wholesale changes in management and coaching. they are hosting the grey cup FFS.


And hire whom with what cap space?

Frankie Hickson had 25 carries for 156 yards or 6,24 yards per carry in the two games against the Bombers. I suspect that if he had gotten 20-25 carries per GAME SSK's O-line would have looked a lot better than they did. If opposing defences had to give more respect to rushing plays the pass rush might not have beenso effective. It may be that Maas's pass-happy play calling set them up for failure


decent point.

Might that be because he has no O-Line and has 2 seconds to run a 4 second play???


this has been discussed

So, what was the verdict on the topic? I missed it.

dude just read the thread

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We cannot be sure about ANY quarterback. Do you think the quarterback currently in Tampa Bay would have done what he did in his NFL career if he had the quality of this current rider O line for the first 20 years of his playing days....