Is Dickinson done in sask after this year?

hmm almost sounds like even Dickenson has thrown in the towel on this season for sask:

note: im not a sask fan. i did expect them to be much better that they are this year.

i do think that Maas and Fajardo need to go.

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The person's who needs to go is the recruiter for the O line. The old equation of shit in equals shit out


agreed. i should have mentioned that sh*t O-line. they’ve been like a wet paper bag all year.

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He was an interesting hire ... multiple stints as a Special Teams Co-ordinator but never was an OC or a DC ..."decent" record thus far as a HC (32-22) but somewhat falling apart this season (2-7 in last 9 games) ... plus, he defended an (IMO) indefensible dirty player ... of course, this is the CFL ... however unlikely, a four-game winning streak to finish the season COULD be a springboard to a Grey Cup.


yea i was surprised at the hire at the time.

i’m just utterly baffled with some of the coaching decisions there, both in-game and in general. the team has not been in synch at all really, apart from the first few gimme games.

You cannot possibly think the current rider iteration is capable of winning out the last 4 games

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" HOWEVER UNLIKELY " would seem to indicate that I do not ... or at least I thought it would ... but, this is the CFL and WEIRD things OCCASIONALLY happen.

I was thinking O'Day should be gone. Its not his fault, really. He was trained by Taman, so how could he do anything but fail. His blindness with regards to the oline is unconscionable. He has known it was a problem for 3 years and done nothing.

Maas is another major problem. He can design a playbook, but has no clue how to actually run it. Incapable of adjustments mid game, and unable to harness the strengths of his players, instead trying to force square pegs into round holes.

I think Dickenson has a decent football mind, but he needs to learn from his brother and stop being a " nice guy" to his players. Be a boss, not a buddy. There is no accountability on this team and that falls on him.

I actually kind of hope the Riders lose out, even though I'm a fan. If Team Green wins a few, the three guys I mentioned may get a reprieve. And for the long term good of the team, these three heads need to roll.

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i agree with all your points. i forgot about the O’Day-Taman connection.

Maas’s in-game decisions and (lack of) adjustments have been just awful.

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I always wondered if Tilman thought he was treated badly/unfairly, and hired Taman as a "poison pill" revenge scheme

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BC did 8 in a row after losing the first 8 way back ... That'd be enough magic for one century

I think it's the opposite - he's at the end of his rope trying to get Cody to do the things that he needs to in order to be successful, like get the ball out before he gets sacked. I think almost every time they showed Maas last week he was near having a heat attack and upset with execution.

You would need to find better before you send Dickenson down the road but to me - the biggest reason he needs to go isn't win loss, its discipline. you can't let guys hurt the team all the time and still play for you. (Williams) At some point - get pissed off and cut him loose, and let everyone else know why, and that no one is "too good" a player to get cut.

Funny part was all the crap I took for predicting Winnipeg Calgary BC 1,2,3, and the Riders either 4th or 5th depending on how the Elks played before the season started

Well.........they have 4th and 5th is within reach.......

how about a dickinson trade?

maybe for a bag of practice balls

which way?

Well if they do indeed tie the can to him I'm thinking that he won't be unemployed for long . The reason being that little brother Dave will probably find him a spot somewhere on the Calgary coaching staff .

Craig may need to get better educated with reverse osmosis and PH homeostasis first.

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Maas yes, he should be out of there. Fajardo, should stay. I don't care who they would have had back there this year, he had no offensive line and usually less than 1 second before he has to start running for his life. Give him both ( a decent OC and a decent O-line) and he will be pushing for MOP.

uhm nope. he’s just another Macbeth as far as i’m concerned