Is Dickenson finished?

I mean, the guy is 35 years old and gets injured in two games. Maybe it's time for him to step down and let Printers take over for the rest of the season.

Why am I getting the sense that the QB situation in BC is becoming more and more like the plot of 'Any Given Sunday' ???

He is 32

Well, he is getting up there in years for a football player, and it's showing.

He's always been injury prone.

Hopefully he can make it to the Riders game next week because he has always played lousy against Sask.

well… he wasn’t injured IN two games… the one game he didn’t start… and that was only back spasms… thats nothing to worry about… however the seperated shoulder is a bit more serious… but it’s not his throwing arm… he will probably be good to go again in a couple of weeks… i don’t think he’s stepping down anytime soon… not with the season he’s having… and he’s 32… not 35

What a joke. Maybe you should pay more attention to reality, you got his age wrong by 3 years and he's also whupping every team this year so far(and I'm sure he'd whup the Riders too) . And he's got the highest effientcy rating along with the highest ever pass completion % . So ya, he should retire for sure , good idea. :roll:
BTW he's not injured bad anyway and no he's not injury prone . Lot's of players pick up injuries through out their carreers and come back from them without being considered injury prone. He landed hard on his left shoulder last game , something he'll bounce back from quick , in fact he probably could play next game if he had to.

Far from it, right now he is my league MVP.

KK...When you say "it's showing", I assume you do not mean performance wise. As well, 32 years old for a QB is not that old. DD has some very productive years left and injuries have always followed him. It has nothing to do with age. Look at the solid hit by Donovan Carter and the angle DD was facing...the only thing missing on that play was a big sticker with an arrow on DD saying Please Separate Here.[/b]

id say BC should keep dickenson and trade printers if they were going to choose one. BC seems to have 3 good QB' the time DD retires, they have thier current number 3 guy to take over ( who looked alot like DD in the last TD drive against hamilton ). they really dont need printers anymore!

not sayin they WILL trade him, just that if one HAD to go, it should be printers.

ALLEN is # 1 , if ....D.D. can't contiue...............but he says that it is not a serious injury.

The Leos also have Jarious Jackson who was ahead of Buck Pierce on the deplth chart until he went down with an injury in the pre-season. It seems like Wally Buono always has an abundance of QB’s around.

I want Printers to stay because he is exciting to watch. If Buono trades him I’ll be choked, but having said that…Buono seems to know his quarterbacks and what direction he wants to go.

The question was whether Dave Dickenson is done and the answer in a word is NO.

He is too tough and determined a pro to be finished this year or as a career. I hope he learns that playing with this kind of an edge is not good as this young guys can really hit that aging body.

This could be a blessing in disguise for the whole team as it gives Dave a time to heal well and for Casey and I hope Buck Pierce, to get some good playing time. This helps for a Grey Cup run if Casey returns to form and Buck gets some decent time too and all while we await the return of this years top CFL QB, DD.

Pierce-I learned a lot about perseverance. Things aren’t always going to go your way. I’ve become so much more aware of the realities of the game and life…Things can be taken away from you. You can either sit back…or overcome it and fight through it....

Maybe he should quit while he's ahead. :lol:

I think if he is that injury prone (that's what I base my augment on), he should let Printers take over for a few games.

Compared with Printers, he is old, but Printers is also injury prove as well.

So, ok, stupid topic, but about Football more or less, right?

Pennw and CFLfanfor life ... well said!

Look at the originator to this, need I say more!

Gee Kanga I have to take offense to this thread there buddy! I may not play Pro. football but I still play football. I'm 39 years old and I can punt a ball 40 yards, and kick a 40 yard field goal :evil:

The whole thing with BC is their mentality is wrong

sure DD is good. But how many years has DD got left with the lions, 3 or 4 tops.
Casey could give the lions the next 12 or 13 years as an MVP. easy descision here. Trade DD. I am not a lions fan though, so I like the thought of them losing printers next year.

Tvor, as of now they have both QB's. The Lions offered Printers a 3 year, 1 million dollar contract which he turned down. He wants more money here or he is threatening to play in the NFL (which I don't think will turn out too good for him) The Lions are doing all they can for Printers and are keeping both QB's this year because they want to win the Grey Cup at home at BC Place in November. After this season we shall see, but as of now BC has the strongest two QB's in the CFL. As Paopao said, It's not a QB controversy, it is a QB luxury.

you can kick a 40 yard field goal????...... you want to play for the Lions???... :lol: