is dickensen readly to become head coach next season?

I am not very sure.

I think maybe he doesn't have the steel inside him to be that successful.

unless you are pinball, you cant be smiling and such all the time. HC is serious work.

Most of the best coaches have that steel in them, such as Mathews, Buono, Huffnagel, Austin, etc

Even Mike Riley had some steel although he had some pinball in him as well.

Paopao didn't have enough, he was just too nice and mild mannered.

I would think he would make a good hc. I doubt he will move out of Calgary tho.

You can tell all that from sitting on your couch, watching him on TV ? You have never been in a locker room with him,never been coached by him,never played pro football , never evaluated professional coaches for a pro football team. He was a fierce competitor on the field and just because he smiles too much for you , he will be a failure as a head coach. :roll: :roll:
Can I please have what your drinking or smoking today ?? :cowboy:

get real eh. I didn't make any conclusions or assumptions. Just raised a question.

‘’ I think maybe he doesn’t have the steal to be a head coach’’ is more than raising question. Your doubting him. A big reason why he is not a head coach already is his wife is from Calgary and both love the city.

Apparently Hufnagel does.

and wally believed in MB

I like DD and wish him the best, but I just have my doubts that he is ready YET

“Apparently Hufnagel does” what?

If anything he might have too much steel. He is a fierce competitor and an intense dude. He won't have any problems being too nice.

Personally I think he is more than ready.

I agree. And no, he will not move. His wife has a great job and he is not going to move, likely even if that meant not working. He has turned down several offers, and Huff has said he is the succession plan.

Huff is very very smart in the fact that when he brings someone on that he puts them in a coaching position outside of their comfort zone. Dave started as a RB coach to broaden his understanding of blocking assignments and the OL plus get a bigger overall picture of an O...then QB coach and of course assistant OC then OC. Huff is doing the exact same thing with Marc Mueller, and has said he sees him progressing to a OC role in a few seasons and sees him as becoming a strong HC some day. His comfort zone is O, but he brought him in under Stubler as an assistant because he knew that would open his eyes in other ways. He will be the guy replacing Dave when Dave is HC. Kilam has been promoted internally as well, starting as a conditioning coach, then a LB coach and now the ST coordinator. Huff is all about building within. He doesn't like using free agency as a major platform to build from, and when he sees a good coach he likes to pull him into a junior role and give him room to grow. He nurtures that person's overall growth by broadening them under someone who has been in a given role for a few years and is doing well, and a few extra bucks and even a promotion does not always pull a guy away from him because they truly appreciate Huff...he is a great mind for running the staff and players. Cal M inspired him in a great way.

No one is ever ready until given the position to succeed or fail. And the fist year and sometimes even the fist time doesn't count, Lots of coaches have to get fired before they learn how to really run a team.

One thing he will have is a GM who will be there to support when needed but allow him to run the team until proven he can't.
Huf has brought him along, taught him everything he should need to know and now it's his time. Like any job at any company sometimes a promotion works sometimes it doesn't. And if it doesn't Huf will move on as quickly as required.

Yup the comparison to Wally and MB is fair. Wally gave it enough time but pulled the cord as soon needed. Huf is Wally 2.0. Great mind, great mentor, cold heart. Just what is needed in winning organizations.

How exactly is Huff cold hearted, or even Wally for that matter? It is a business that just so happens to have more public emotion and spotlight tied to it than most do. Wally is definitely not afraid to rotate aged players out, ie Simon. He will get something, anything for them while he can. Huff is pretty pointed with his players. He will pull them aside and tell them what they need to work on, and it doesn't improve to fit the team he will push them aside. His number one thing he looks for is overall attitude and how it works with the team chemistry. When contracts come up, he is blunt. He tells a player 'this is offer, you can perhaps get more elsewhere' and he will not chase them with big dollar unless they are an all-star. As he want allstar money, you had best be an allstar when you ask for it. He understands that if people are treated well and motivated to push themselves, and then rewarded for it...most will stick around for a little less if the chemistry on the team is good. Also, IMO Huf is more Cal 2.0.

I think you answered your own question.
I'm not talking about them as people. Having never met either who am I too judge. Maybe Wally broke down after cutting Pitts or Simon loose, maybe Huf was really upset when Lewis signed in Montreal.
As I said, and you infer, whatever is in the best interest of the organization and IMO that takes a "cold heart" (change the term if you like) to have to tell a long time vet or a coach you brought up through the ranks " not working time time to move on". The people / organizations that can't do it because they "care " are the ones that stay with those people too long and get stuck or go backwards because of it.
I don't remember Cal's reputation well enough to comment other than it seemed everyone always talked about him as a players coach and a great family man.

Huff wanted to resign Lewis...he did however tell him straight up that it would mainly be as an insurance player, and thus be a lower contract. He has also indicated that the main reason he would be offered that was based on time with the club...loyalty during a players twilight. Lewis wanted a shot at more meaningful reps.

If you don't ever listen to the horsemen...give them a whirl. It is obviously focused primarily on Stamps matters, but a great little show. Huff opens up a lot in this recent segment.