Is Darrell Adams still in the Hammer?

I just read the story on the Hamilton Hurricanes upcoming season, and it says that Darrell Adams is a new assistant coach, coaching the defensive this OUR Darrell Adams?

Looks like it

wonder why he retired if he is staying in the city...

Adams lived here the past two off-seasons, so obviously he really likes it here. Still makes you wonder why he retired though.

I'm thinking he starts missing the game and comes back, if not this year, next...

I sure hope so!While Bolden is good, he's no Darrell Adams.One of the most underrated DT's in the CFL byfar.. well he was...

Doesn't make me wonder. He said he didn't think he could compete at a level that would help us win. I don't think there's anything to wonder about.

I like Darrell. I always have. I wish him all the best and it's nice to see him still contributing in the community.

you don't think there's anything to wonder about?
I think there's a lot to wonder about. Its his choice and he doesn't need a reason but I do find it a lil odd.

I don’t. I take what he said at face value. He was injured last year and said that physically and mentally he just doesn’t have it anymore. I don’t see any reason to think there is more to it than that. It happens.

According to Drew, he's taken up a coaching position with the Hamilton Hurricanes.

Just like the first two posters in this topic stated.....