Darian's arm is not as strong as it was.. and heck it never really was very strong.

the majority of his throws are little short passes and then his receivers pick up all the yac yards! he can't seem to make those big throws that are 20-30yds... it's like his arm has lost a few steps.

The reason they don't throw deep is because the defenses have figured out how to stop Darian, and that's by eliminating the deep ball and then making/forcing Ray to throw short.. and as he has said in the paper today, the teams may have started to predict their offense!

the Riders are looking very poorly run and this keeps up, they'll be missing the playoffs.


Fixed your post... you left a Ray in there


This was a clever post, HfxTC!! Subtle but not too subtle a way to give your opinion to the OP of the "other" post that seems to have eerily similar wording.

For the record, I don't think either are done and, in both cases, the responsibility for the offences goes beyond the QBs ...

Michael Bishop can throw it deep, why not get him back on the roster there? 8)

Darian Durant is 6-1 as a starter. I think this post is a little premature.



Durant still has a job with Saskatchewan. So he isn't "done" yet. However his 6-1 win-loss record is misleading because the team is winning in spite of Durant. Saskatchewan defense, special teams and other players make him look better despite his weak performance. Quarterbacks should be judged on indivdual performance and not team results. Saskatchewan has the second worst passing offense ahead of Winnipeg.

But therein lies the problem. Passing stats aren't exactly "individual performance". Every completion is a factor of the QB's ability to throw, the receiver's ability to catch, and the O-line's ability to protect the passer. Every sack is a factor of the O-line's ability to block, the receivers' ability to get open, and the QB's ability to read the defence and get the ball away quickly. Even passing yards often have more to do with the receiver's ability to break a tackle than with any ability of the QB.

To determine WHY a QB's numbers are what they are, you need to look at each play. Were a lot of accurate passes dropped by the receiver? Were the receivers getting open and the passes way off target? Was the QB hit as he threw, and if so, was he given enough time to get the pass away? Was a pass batted into the air before being intercepted, or did the QB throw the ball right to him?

Durant's good, and his team is 2-1, good for first place in the West, with their lone loss coming against the Als. I say, stick with him.

There's not even a question though right now people!

Let's say you are a realtor selling used properties on a small scale. Let's say you hire a carpet cleaning company and you are happy with their service(you are receiving great value) so you call them again sporadically over your next seven listings for repeat service. On the seventh listing, the cleaning company drops the ball and misses several passes(lol!) through the dining and family rooms.

WELL... You are just irate, confused, and genuinely sad so you forget all six previous examples of great service and satisfaction and vow to never do business with that outfit again due to one poor showing. Pretty soon word gets around that you have no patience and no one wants to work for/with you any more.

Bahahahahahahahahaa! Chill out folks, this experiment is NOT over. Rome wasn't built in a day!

Why not attack Kerry Joseph in Toronto? :expressionless:

You need a bunch of exclamation marks at the end of the tittle. Ill show you how it should be done below.

Riders peaked too soon!!!
And then some dumb ass comment like this see below

After beating the aweful BC Lions by only 4 points ( who will finish dead last ) and beating a almost as bad Toronto and getting pounded by Montreal did the Riders peak already? Discuss

Thats how its done. A for effort though HfxTC

Nicely done, HfxTC…I see a few people don’t have the ability to grasp the actual intent of the thread, though…too bad for them…

Guess I should pay a little more attention.

I agree , it was a jab at Argotom's ridiculous post and I like KJ too much to use him for my example. I think I'll start another with Pierce.

But Buck Pierce is done... at least he will be with one more hit.

Gimme a break. Durant has only started maybe 8 games. Ask anyone who truly knows football and they'll tell you he has a very bright future. The guy has great poise and that's something that usually takes a young QB about 4 YEARS to accomplish.
Durant just needs more playing time that's all. Same with Pierce.

Bump_Set_Spike, have you met my good friend, Hook_Line_Sinker? :lol:

Wasn't Bishop 8-0 at one point? He's not even in the league anymore.

Coach Miller says part of the problem was leaving raw rookie Wes Cates in too long and not going to the proven Stu Foord, especially after his 2 badly dropped touchdowns passes the week prior. He was quoted as saying "He struggled a bit" referring to the rookies first CFL start.