is Danny the right man for the job?

do you think Danny is doing his job or just waiting for the end of the season to run out?

this guy now makes me nothing but sick. He is a horrible coach. The team has pound for pound the best roster in the league, and wont manage anything better than a .500 record. This guy should have been booted with Roy when they kicked his sorry ass to the curb. I am bloody sick of medeocrity. Finished 11-7 one year and still ended up in 3rd place. Sooo sick of the same old story it is litterally making me sick.

Makes a person wonder if Danny's even coaching to succeed anymore, or coaching to finish out the season.....

One thing I've noticed about Barrett: as much as I like him, he doesn't stay on top of the little things that can potentially decide a game. For example, there have been several instances this year when the Riders could have successfully challenged a call and given themselves a first down, a TD, or whatever: several instances when the replays CLEARLY showed that the refs botched a call and all Barrett had to do was throw the challenge flag. However, he didn't, and I just wonder how much he sees on the sidelines sometimes, how much of the game he is able to read. Barrett seems like a great guy, and a player's coach, but my feeling is that his time in Saskatchewan is done after this season if he doesn't lead the Riders at least to the Grey Cup final.

If he wanted to leave, he would have left when Roy Shivers was fired. I do not believe that Danny Barrett wants to leave. I dont think he will be fired either. I think the Riders will give him a new 2 year deal. Eric Tillman said he wants Danny Barrett to be successful. He will get another year to do that. Thats just my feeling about the situation. In a few months, we'll see how true my prediction is.

Danny Barret is very unlikely to return even if the Riders get a home play-off game (which is now unlikely), and/or win the Grey Cup.
GMs always bring in their own coaches eventually, so unless they offered DB a 3 year deal, which is highly unlikely, why would he stick around just to be pushed out sooner rather than later?
And it is doubtful that DB sees his future here now under the Tillman regime.
DB aspires to be a GM himself someday, and Tillman is here for at least 3 years, so Danny will look elsewhere when his contract expires.
Also, it is very possible that Tillman will blow this team up at years end.
Another reality about bringing in a new GM is that they tend to also like their own players.
With cap problems anyway, it is unlikely that Tillman will sign too many of Roy's guys, and we saw the start of that when he brought in Yo Murphy, at best a stop-gap receiver, rather than make a serious attempt at Derek Armstrong.
Plus Armstrong publically stated that the "Roy" factor influenced his decision not to return to Riderville, and you can expect a lot more of that.

Add in the fact that there could be coaching vacancies in Hamilton, Montreal, Ottawa, and Edmonton, and the real possibility that Pinball might make room for Danny, and it all adds up to DB will be elsewhere next year, even if we win the Grey Cup.

Perhaps especially if we win the Grey Cup....

And, yes, Tillman has stated he wants DB to be succcessful.
But that is just politics.
What else can you say?
"I hope Danny Barret is not succcessful"?
Frankly, "I hope Danny is successful" is not exactly a ringing endorsement.
Nope, Tillman said the minimun he could politically say without just firing DB as soon as he got here.

As for Danny resigning when Roy was fired, DB apparently considered that, but his loyalty to the team, and to his players and even his family to finish the season was the deciding factor.
Also, DB and Tillman might be able to work together, but can anyone work with Hopson?

Barrett Cares for this organization...
He is the Ultimate Players Coach & a Nice guy...
He is Loyal to his team & GM....
I truely believe he wants to succeed...

OK now we got nice nice outta the way.

His loyalty to underachieving players is brutal..
His refusal to pull struggling QB's because he hated it himself is selfish..
He lacks the ability to adjust at half time when the intial game plan is falling apart...
His vacation resort tactics (giving extra days off for defeats) sends a signal that even of you play crappy, there will be no consequences...
His Assessment of QB talent (Hello Nealon)was instrumental in this team going no where for the last 4 years (Goodbye Henry)...I never knew what he saw in Greene, other than the fact Greene most likey ressembled himself when he played. (Useless)

SO in a Nutshell, I voted according to his performance formula

Barrett +7 year losing record +0 Home playoff games +0 GreyCup appearances = FIRED

Look Dentor, no disrepevt or anything. But do you honestly believe you could do a better job? Seriously, if the Saskatchewan Roughriders gave you the reigns to the team, how do YOU think you would do? Would you get us that coveted home playoff game? Could you take us all the way to the Grey Cup? I dunno. And as for Jim Hopson, I agree with you Arius, could they coexist?

Dentor doesn't have to do a better job - Barrett does. That's what he was paid to do, and he's not done it.

I really believe that this team needs another shake-up, make them take notice of their poor play. I know its late in the season, but they should fire Barrett now and have one of the assistants finish out the season. After you fire Barrett, Tillman should make it very clear-- anyone who doesnt perform will gone next year as well.

Like Jm02 said ..I am not paid to do a Better Job.. And if I can bet your ass It wont be 7 years ..
Can you dispute anything I said ..was I making it up? I simply stated facts with a Splash of frustrated opinion...which BTW is alot Cheaper therapy than a psychiatrist :wink:

Danny you got 3 games left to prove me wrong ..get us in the Playoffs and in the Cup....

I agree with some of Dentor's list, and disagree with some.
No home play-off game has been a failing of this organization. Not winning a cup, for me, is secondary to that, but obviously both are important.
But making the play-offs 5 times in a row is a positive in any organization.
And back-to-back West finals was good as well.
We have to go back to the 1970s to find the last Rider team to do either of those things.
And one more win in just about any of those 5 years (I am assuming play-off, but no home game this year) could have resulted in 5 straight home play-off games, so we have not been far off.
I know we tied for second at least twice, but lost the tie breaker.
And the first 2 years, lets face it--that 1999 club was abysmal.
As for Nealon, we never missed the play-offs when he was here, and he played very well for us in 2002, and 2003. Not sure what happened in 2005, but it sure wasn't all Nealon's fault. I am sure everyone preferred missing the playoffs with Burris in 2000, and Marvin Graves in 2001.
Anyway, I would personally have pulled the trigger on Danny last year, maybe even after 2004. But not because he is a bad coach, but because sometimes coaches run up against the wall and a change needs to be made.
I believe that is where Danny has been the last year, maybe 2.
But making him a lameduck coach this year was management's (the board and Hopson's) decision last fall, and they compounded the problem by firing Roy.
They should have either released Danny and Roy last fall, or extended their contracts.
And then if you are going to sack the GM mid-season, which is stupid, you have to fire both.
Another poor decision by management.
Can't blame Danny.
And Danny has done a good job considering.
If we do snag a home play-off game, DB should/could be coach of the year.

But no matter what, he won't be back.
I don't believe he will work under a Hopson/Tillman regime.

I suspect/hope it will be Ritchie.
Kent Austin--no way!!!!

IN all fairness it was Not Barretts fault McCallum botched the Kick in 2004, that was our most legitimate shot at winning the Cup....Burris was firing on all Cylinders and the team had chemistry.

Now all thats left are remenants of manure on McCallums driveway.

I don't blame McCallum either.
It should never have gone to OT.
Anyway, it is interesting that we essentially approach this thing from opposite ends.
You are not a Barret booster, I am.
Yet we both think he should be fired.
Though I again point out, I do not believe it will be necessary to fire him....

this is what i am thinkin right now :expressionless: i agree :thup:


I too like DB, but you have to admit his coaching record hasn't exactly been stellar. True, it's unfair to include his 1st 2 years here. But those 2 years aside, there's only been 1 (one) season with a winning record! And even then, it was only good enough for 3rd place. And it's unfair to say we've had 5 straight years of playoffs, since 2 of those years were cross-overs. Let's call those years what they were - 4th place finishes.

As I said, I like Danny, but he's had 7 (or 5) years of coaching a team (of good players) and never placed higher than 3rd. I hate to say it, but I can't see it getting any better next year, leaving things status quo.

Amen Rocky B. Love him, or hate him, Danny Barrett has a losing record over seven years. Has any other coach in any other sport been given year after year with that kind of record? No. By sticking with the Shivers/Barrett regime, we continually accept losing. I had much higher expecations with this years team.

You know what I find amazing is that the Riders have done as well as they have over the past 30 years, winning one grey cup and typically around the 9-9 area. This is despite great players like Dominguez, Burris, Ridgeway, Narcise and coaches like Matthews, Murphey, and crappy players and coaches like Green, Slack and Barrett. When I think to how they played on Monday or the game I went to in July against Calgary. These are games where the Riders played so bad it was painful to watch. I am starting to wonder if it goes beyond players and coaching. Edmonton for example has a tradition of winning. We don't! Sure we could fire Barret, but then what, new coach comes in and then what. In this league we are the smallest team, the smallest market and the most desperate fans and we suffer loss after loss after loss after loss. A new GM and coach come in and we have done better but per the games I mentioned above, horrible horrible losses. So Tillman, hire us a new coach and then what? Do we continue our tradition or is someone going to come in and deliver what we fans have deserved for how long now?

All good points Dentor.


Nice guys finish last.

I think Tillman will bring his own guy in next year. Barrett is a lame duck coach IMO.