is craig smith bringing in enough good rookie talent?

Who has Smith brought in, player-wise, to really make an impact since he was hired as player-personnel director? The list isn't exactly impressive, is it? The only rooks (who I guess Smith "discovered and signed") who have looked good in the past two years have been Kornegay and Lawrence Gordon.

Are we really getting enough back on the Craig Smith investment, or am I being unfair?

_____________________________________________________Frankly, I forgot about Craig Smith's existence. Thanks for the reminder.

By the way, what exactly does Mike McCarthy do for the team now?

More importantly, why does Mike wear shorts in the cold weather? Hmmmmm.

You would of thought they would of brought in some recivers during the season ???? We had alot go the other way but none came in . I hope they werent satisfied with the people we have !!!!

Good players were brought in to training camp, and College Coach Marshall released them... he decided to go with the status quo from a 5-13 team and it came back to bite him. There was talent in camp, how they would have done? who knows now.

I bet if you made a list of "incumbants" or free agent signings from other teams that were beaten out in training camp by new players in the last 3 years..... you'd have a pretty short list.

Let's not forget that Craig Smith was the guy who brought in Lawrence Gordon, amongst other free agents who he scouted. What about Steve Josue? I want to see this guy playing DE next season!

Also don't forget that once Paopao + Coach K were released Craig Smith was pressed into service as part of the coaching squad