is corey holmes waiting to return to riders?

corey still loves sask. and from reading the lancaster article on the cfl main page, it kinda sounds like holmes is destined to be wearing green again next year.( lets not forget he still wears a mouthguard with the rider logo on it for some reason )

"I'm just glad to be around guys like Ron Lancaster,'' Holmes said in advance of tonight's game against the host Roughriders. "He makes you feel just like you're back in Saskatchewan. He's a Regina guy. He had his grandson (Marc Mueller) up for a couple weeks and he was always talking about Saskatchewan and everything.''

Holmes and Lancaster have had some casual conversations about Saskatchewan, but their discussions generally focus on more immediate matters.

"Ronnie is a straightforward guy, a truthful guy,'' Holmes said. "He wants you to just come out and play the game. He's a guy who has been around the game so long and he's a great guy at putting things in perspective.

"To play for him and Roy (Shivers, Roughriders general manager), that has been a great honour for me. You learn different things from both guys. I'm just thankful to be over there with him.''

maybe he'll fumble purposly tonite?

i think its brutal that he wears a rider logo on his mouthguard, disrespect to our team

i said the moment he left maybe this is only for a year. But Corey Holmes would NEVER do anything like fumble purposely regardless of which team he is playing for. He is too classy. I pretty sure u arent serious tho Drummer

but if he does fumble tonite, don't u think some ticat fans might get over-suspicious and call for his head?

i mean, some cat fans are sayin he bailed on the team last week, when he went to be with his prego wife.

thats not true, we respected that.. well i did anyways

Its funny that the Ti-Cats dont provide him a mouthgard with their logo on it-- I would have thought that would have been done a long time ago. As for him fumbling his way back to Sask, I dont think so, because 1) he is too professional player to tank it like that and 2)he should treat this as just another game, and wether he fumbles or not, its part of the game. Fumbles happen, and for anyone to say that he did it deliberately is ridiculous.

Lancaster back in Regina is kewl … give him a good hand, Rider Fans

For sure they will cheer for Corey too

Dont worry... They will get theirs. Ill be giving them a hand anyways

I disagree with that. I think its more abut respect for his old team... The ones that got him his CFL job.

I would assume that these mouth guards are custom made and at the expense of the player. Can't blame him for not wanting to get a new one. Might fit just right! No issue here with that.

lets trade him for Kenton,

the way kenton has played these last 3 games lol i dont even know if i would wanna give up kenton right now.

I would like to see Corey Holmes back with the Riders. It might be a possibility. I dont think Hamilton has really been utilizing him to his fullest potential, although I haven't really been keeping up on Hamilton's season this year. Also, a great running back needs to have a great o line to open up holes for up the gut running. Hamilton also has Josh Ranek as their featured back.

As far as intentionally fumbling the ball I think that Corey Holmes is too classy for that. And as far as the mouthguard goes maybe he thinks it's his lucky mouth guard.

Holmes, why would the Prider nation want him back...Kenton Kieth you already have, Holmes n Kieth, same thing. Shivers is dumb, but give him some credit..

I'd take Holmes over Keith any day, just for attitude.

Kenton looks like a sparkplug also, just can't see giving any thing up for Holmes. But I do know Holmes is special in the Green hearts of Rider fans..

Yeah, but Keith also has the rep of being somewhat of a cancer in the locker room....not the type of player I want hangin' around.

He and Holmes were a nice 1-2 punch, though.....

i agree, i have said since the beginnign