Is command center drunk? -Fumble recovery for TD called back

[i]Is Jake Ireland still in charge of the command center, that rules on challenges?

If so, Good ole Jake :roll: was drunk tonight.

How could that defensive TD by Hebert be overturned? Drugs, alcohol in the command center? Unbeleivable and an atrocity!!!!!

Don't misunderstand, Johnny's Als sucked on offense and deserved to lose. But, that call was as bush league as it gets.

Shame on the CFL....[/i]

nope. that call is actually made 100 percent of the time.

goltz and hebert were on the ground wrestling for the ball

hebert got it but was down by contact

that call is made all the time. just cuz the announcers are pro montreal dont mean they are right.

i know your team lost to the team you think is the worst in the league.. but seriously, that call is made 100 percent of the time and it was the right call.

lol tho.

yet bomber fans like to blame the refs??

your als team deserved to lose because the bombers D ate them for breakfast out there.

perhaps that als team just isnt as good as people thought they were.

i hear all this talk on the broadcast about last week or last year or 2 years ago, its irrelevant right now

The right call was made as hebert and goltz were both down when they were fighting for the ball.

Right or wrong on the down by contact question, I thought there should have been a loose ball interference penalty against John Bowman on Justin Goltz.

I can see it being ruled either way, but I also didn't see anything that would warrant an overruling either way.

is johnny drunk?

shame on johnny


Besides the point, is it not?

[i]The decision ON THE FIELD was a TD, and that Goltz did not touch Hebert. To overturn the ruling on the field, the evidence has to be irrefutable. Can someone offer a screen cap/image of where we actually see Goltz touching Hebert? Not one that sort of looks like he's touching him, but one that clearly shows it.


[i]By Wednesday, Tom Higgins or whatever dude is in charge of the refs, will issue an apology for the blown call, and they will strive to do better bla bla bla...

The Als will still be without those 7 points and lose the game. The Als-BC game in BC in 2009 with the pager fiasco all over again :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: [/i] I said "I also didn't see anything that would warrant an overruling either way"
I felt the play should have stood.

The ruling on the field was correct and the replay booth screwed it up. Hebert was touched BEFORE he had possession. But once he had possession, nobody touched him. You can't contact someone down if they don't have the ball. By the time he has control he is rolling away and we can clearly see that Goltz' right arm is not touching him.

There is absolutely NOTHING in that replay footage that shows that Hebert is touched AFTER he controls the ball. Therefore the ruling on the field stands. HORRIBLE screw up by the booth.

lol. the replay booth screwed up? how can anyone say that.. they im sure zoomed right in, all the viewer at home saw was TSN's version, no zooming in, no nothing, just some messed up angles..

fact is..

the booth got it right.. or maybe it was a make up call for all the years the bombers have been screwed over by ridiculous calls.

regardless of what anyone watching thought, the guys in the booth had the best view

they got it right.

fact is.. als are 1-1 bombers are 1-1 argos are 1-1. hamilton will be 1-1 also

people can cry all they want about it but reality is... the call was over turned for a reason, the booth saw something that the viewers didnt..

the booth had the best view and regardless of what ppl on the anti blue bomber and winnipeg cfl forum think....

19-11 final. DONE AND DONE.

I agree, remember when the Bombers got that penalty a couple years ago? That hurts.

Stop crying, at home vs Winnipeg had 5 turnovers that you didn't take advantage of, is the reason you lost. The Als are in trouble , Calvillo looks his age and your new coach looks lost.

Just another example of how the CFL is incapable of administering video review. They need to eliminated video review and fire Ireland and his fellow blind mice in the command centre.

Do we want to see this call made in a Grey Cup, on a key play that results in the scoring/denying of game winning points?

I would worry why Calvillo only put 11 points on the board with having the ball at centerfield for the entire first half ! Wow, the crying is impressive on this thread. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

I don't blame the loss on video review. My comments are simply about video review itself. The morons in the command centre blow a call a week on average. UNACCEPTABLE. For video review that is completely unacceptable. Video review should be making 1 mistake a season not a week.

I wonder if that Ask The Ref column will be back this year. They should do an article on this call and cite the rule to settle this stuff.

Could have gone either way, I think they made the right call but it was a gutsy call as it was very close and usually close plays don’t get overturned. As I say, they got it right though IMHO. Two players on the ground with some contact and it looked like possession was had, down by contact really.