Is College a Must?

I noticed in the Alouette programs that all the players went to college. Im just curious, is it mandatory to of attended college to play in the CFL?

Speaking of School, Im off to graduate from High School now! :wink:

no, you could play in the CJFL and still make the CFL, but you get better traning in the CIS, so you would have a better shot at making the CFL by going there.

Josh Boden is on the BC Practice roster. He has only played 1 year at Junior Football and has not played a down of college.

I don’t think in any North American pro league is college required, but I might be wrong on this, just what I think is the case.

If you have to ask ... yes.


A majority of players in the CFL have played in the CIS and NCAA.

Young Man,
The CFL is a Professional League. They would give the Devil himself a job , without a down of experience, if they thought he could put another mark in the "W" column. So in answer to your question; extreme athletic ability , some intellect (idiots have a hard time grasping "schemes") , and emotional stability are the requirements. Experience and a large capacity to endure pain & hardship (i.e. "heart" ) are nearly "must haves", since your competition for work, or a Position, will definitely posess the same.
Good Luck ! And CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!

No! College is not mandatory to play in ANY pro. sport. You can try out as a "walk-on". does get you looked at before any walk-on.