is CHCH Doomed?

Maybe Wingham is where the Bills should play their games, instead of the Rogers Centre! It could be televised.....following the noon hour hog reports.

It sucks for the people that lose their job, but it is not unethical. Like you said, it's business. This is one more example that no one can rely on a job being there. It's a new economy that changes fast. There's nothing necessarily bad about it, it's just the way it is.

I like CHCH. Mark Hebner and Donna Skelly (hope i spelled their names correctly) were the best part about the CHCH news.

I can't stand either one of them But am I am Huge Matt Hayes Fan.

Infact I am The Prez of his Facebook Fan Club

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No Way! Keep that trash in HOGTOWN! Or better still leave it in Buffalo.

After all Wingham is a suburb of Wroxeter :wink:,_Ontario

Oh and BTW…there are a few CFL fans in the area and the Ticats do get some press from the Wingham Advance Times when the sports reporter gets a couple of tickets thrown his way. :wink:

I seen something on the news where Donna from CHCH went to this canadian tv thing where the boss of Global told her to be quiet and that Global has been trying to get rid of CHCH for the past 2 years! I found that kinda rude!

Big corperate goofs rob us of everything. First an NHL team, now CHCH. There's one thing your never taking and that's the ticats. Toronto isn't the only city in Ontario FYI.